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There has been a large increase in the number of brands selling or specialising in false eyelashes and it can be often hard to know which to purchase. Surely they are all the same, same quality, same strength glues etc.? This may be impossible to answer but there are some well established brands that have stood the test of time and proven their worth and one of those brands is Eylure.


A little trip down memory lane...

The story of the creation of Eylure is quite a magical one. Like other great classics e.g. Max Factor and Yves Saint Laurent, this brand was created by men. The story starts in the 1940’s where two brothers were hard at work for the British film industry as makeup artists. They were very talented in their craft and had the honour of working with the biggest and brightest stars of that era. They began to feel frustrated at the lack of good quality equipment on offer to complement their clients, so they decided to make their own and Eylure was born.

David and Eric Aylott’s mission was to enhance the beauty of the wearer’s eyes with their extensions as well as their own makeup cosmetics and stick on nails. Their creations grew from strength to strength and became a hit in Chemists and Department stores alike. Their very first lashes were made of fur and were increasingly popular with American’s who liked to call them Mink lashes.

By the 1960’s the brand was already well established and they opened the world’s first factory to mass produce eyelashes in Cwmbran. They were advertised by magazines as prestigious as VOGUE, worn by the likes of Twiggy and Dusty Springfield and by 1966 they were presented with the Queens Award to Industry. The 60’s was undoubtedly a huge turning point in their achievements and themes of this era can be seen through their branding now.


Back to reality…

Eylure have Remained as a trusted figure in the beauty industry, branching out further with the tools and accessories that they offer their customers. They may be arguably the biggest brand on the market but they have stayed true to form and ensured their products remain at an easily accessible price. They have a style to suit everyone’s tastes and a variety of colours also. They still prove a popular choice for celebrities with wearers such as Victoria Beckham and have campaigns with the likes of Girls Aloud and Katy Perry.

In 2012 the brand celebrated its 65th Birthday and marked the occasion by releasing a special 65th Anniversary range of lashes. The packaging is gorgeous and vintage inspired with bright pops of colour, a reminder of their success in the 60’s. The lashes are a retro London theme with names such as “London’s calling” and “The Chelsea Look”.

The brand now offers a huge range of lashes and accessories. They are the one stop shop for your beauty needs. The lash styles on offer include; pre-glued, strip lashes, individual lashes and flick lashes. In styles of natural, lengthening, texture, volume, definition, exaggerate, dramatic, party and festival. Their lashes come in a variety of black and brown with some special styles, such as the Katy Perry, coming in a variety of colours such as green and purple. Their accessories range boasts a large selection of beauty aids such as Brow Shapers, Eyebrow Pencils, eyelash application kits, body tape and a selection of long lasting false eyelash adhesives. In 2014 Eylure began the process of rebranding and packaging their products. The feel of the new packaging is very era evoking and has the feel of an old fashioned newspaper. We are loving the fact they are remaining true to themselves and the Brothers who created this iconic brand.

What you love...

Here are the top 5 most popular Eylure lashes that we stock:

5. Eylure Naturalites 101

These evening wear lashes have proven to be a real hit with our customers. They are ultra glam yet still very natural looking. For those of you looking for a set of falsies to wear on a night out that are not too heavy and full blended, these could be the ones for you! Reusable and contact lens friendly, these lashes are perfect for the gal on the go. Application and care instructions are included on the pack of the pack, and don't forget these Eylure 101 lashes come complete with Lashfix adhesive! Like everything else on our website, these Eylure 101 lashes also come with FREE 1st Class UK delivery!

You can shop Eylure 101 Lashes in our store by clicking here. 

4. Eylure Naturalites 107

These vintage inspired lashes come in at fourth place. They have an angled edge and smooth finish to complement the way the lashes have been styled. These lashes give incredible volume in all the right places and come with Lashfix adhesive included as standard. Remember, if you remove these lashes carefully after each use they can be worn on multiple occasions, at a penny under £5 including delivery (that's cheaper than the high street!), that represents amazing value for money!

You can shop Eylure 107 Lashes in our store by clicking here

3. Eylure Pre-Glued 050

Pre-glued lashes are a saviour when you are in a rush. Picture the scene; you woke up late for that important meeting, you get home and your friends tell you that you are going out in an hour and you have nothing to wear never mind having to think about applying false lashes, whatever your emergency, rush or need pre-glued are here to make your life easier and you love them so much they made it to third place. These lashes are super lightweight and easy to apply with no mess, fuss or drying time. They come with FREE 1st Class UK delivery when you spendf £20 or more, so place your order with us now!
You can shop Eylure Pre-Glued 050 Lashes in our store by clicking here. 

2. Eylure Naturalites 010

Runner up in the top 5 is the 010 style lashes. These lashes are gorgeously subtle, the super fine blend is designed to offer natural volume in all the right places - without the look of extensions. We can see why you lovely people love them so much, they are reusable, contact lens friendly and a must have for anyone’s make up bag. Each pair comes complete with Eylure Lashfix adhesive, as well as application and care instructions. What's more, these lashes come with FREE 1st Class UK delivery when you spend £20 or more, just like everything else on our website.

You can shop Eylure Naturalites 010 in our store by clicking here. 

1. Eylure Naturalites 116

First place and your favourite lash is the 116. These lashes are beyond gorgeous and provide the wearer with incredible length. For those of you with naturally short lashes looking to add subtle length without a full blended lash, these are the ones for you. They are suitable for all eye shapes, lash thickness or length. All Eylure Naturalites lashes come complete with adhesive and care/application instructions. Every product ordered here at comes with FREE 1st Class UK delivery when you spend £20 or more.

You can shop Eylure Naturalites 116 in our store by clicking here

We hope you found the history of Eylure as interesting as we do. We enjoyed bringing you this Brand Focus addition, so keep your peepers on the blog for more Brand Focus posts on the other much loved lash brands that we stock!

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