Top 5 Strip Lash Adhesives


Applying your False Eyelashes perfect the first time is THE best feeling ever, it might not happen every time but when it does you feel ready for whatever the Day/ Night throws at you. Certain brands of lashes include a free mini adhesive which is great (unless you leave it open in your make up bag…yep guilty as charged) but what happens when your Pair of falsies don’t come with an adhesive? It can feel like a mind boggling world of decisions when you are left to choose your own but in difficult beauty situations we like to take a step back and think “What would Carrie Bradshaw do?”

Well we think Ms Bradshaw would use her journalism skills and look up an article of the Top 5 Adhesives and luckily for you that is what we have for you today.

Top 5 Strip Lash Adhesives

5. EyeCandy Lash Adhesive

In at 5th place is EyeCandy Lash Adhesive. EyeCandy have an array of beautiful lashes in a variety of styles to suit everyone. EyeCandy strip lashes do come with a handy mini of their adhesive but for those of you looking to reuse your lashes time and time again or want to stock up on the good stuff this is the glue for you. It is 7mls and applies white so you can easily identify the glue and then dries clear.

4. Eylure Lashfix

Eylure have 65 years of experience in supplying some amazing false eyelashes and accessories to us beauty lovers, so it is no surprise that their all day wear, Eylure 18 Hour Lash Glue has been awarded 4th place. This clear finish adhesive comes in a 7ml tube with a handy nozzle applicator to bring ease to application. Although Eylure falsies do come with a mini adhesive included, if you like to put your trust in an adhesive that will last all day, this will complement your lashes perfectly.

3. Ardell Lash Grip Clear Adhesive

In honourable 3rd place is Ardell Lash Grip Clear Adhesive. This strip lash adhesive boasts a strong hold, to get you through any event or sticky situation. With a handy nozzle applicator this 7g product complements a variety of strip lashes from different brands. It is a great “all-rounder” and it is no surprise to us that it made its way into the Top 3. If you like the sound of this adhesive but prefer your glue in a darker finish do not fear because it is available in dark too!

2. DUO Dark Adhesive

Runner up in 2nd Place is DUO 7g Strip Lash Adhesive Dark Tone (also available in a large 14g tube). This adhesive has been a popular product and strong contender for the top spot for quite some time. It is easy to use and complements lashes from all brands, offering strong hold and long lasting results. Dark toned glues are great for those of you with naturally dark lashes or those looking to blend their lashes in naturally without the use of eyeliners etc. We love everything about this product, especially the super cute pink packaging and for all you DUO lovers out there don’t forget we stock this in 14g too.

1. DUO Clear

We made it to the Top Spot and in 1st place it is the DUO Strip Lash Adhesive White/Clear (this adhesive is also available in a larger 14g tube). Not only is this the top selling glue in the USA, it is making its mark in the UK too, making its way straight into the top spot. Just like the dark variety, this glue offers strong long lasting hold for strip lashes and is a popular choice among Makeup Artists on and off the catwalk. This popular glue also comes in a 14g serving, keeping you stocked up with the good stuff.

We hope our breakdown of the Top 5 Strip Lash Adhesives has been helpful for you and you feel a little more at ease when it comes to ordering falsies that don’t have the glue included! If you would like to leave us feedback on your favourite adhesives let us know by tweeting us @welovelashes or by visiting our Facebook page.