FalseEyelashes.co.uk's Guide to Summer Lashes


When you get invited to any event that makes your social calendar look a little more interesting, the first thing you think of is “What am I going to wear??” We have all been there, mentally emptying the wardrobe, trying to remember where we left that floral midi dress and wondering if that sun hat will look as glamorous as it did in the shop fitting room. For those of us who are false lash mad and beauty savvy the next thing on our mind is “What lashes will I wear?”, well lash lovelies this post is going to give you a 10 step guide to the lashes you could be wearing this summer. So open your diary and mentally prepare your wardrobe because we are taking a trip into the Lash Box.

Summer Wedding

It doesn’t matter whether you are invited to the whole event or just the night party, you are going to need some summer chic lashes that have the right mixture of party and sophistication. Our lashes of choice for any posh summer social event is a wispy - and with Red Cherry #WSP making their way to 2nd place in our Top 10 Most Popular falsies chart, they are our lash of choice. They are super lightweight and come with an Invisiband fitting so you won’t have to worry about any tell-tale peeling when you are talking to your auntie's cousin’s sister’s next door neighbour by the buffet.

Pool Party

Most of us can admit that when we get invited to a pool party, the last thing we intend to do is swim. It is just the perfect excuse to enjoy some sunshine and wear that awesome bikini and kimono outfit we put together even though we aren’t going on holiday. Thanks to the likes of Marbella and Ibiza’s pool party, club scene, being by the pool is more about looking good than practicing your doggy paddle. The lashes we are loving for this sort of social event is Red Cherry #102. It is the perfect combination of a wisped lash but with a fuller more glamourous blend giving you volume at the root.

Girls Night In

There is nothing better on those mid-week summer nights than having a girls’ night in. In the winter it is all about the onesies, flannel PJ’s and obligatory face masks but during the summer we like to keep it a little more glamorous. Shorts and t-shirts on, snacks and chick flicks at the ready it’s all about the natural “no make-up/make-up” look. To keep things natural but girly we suggest the Eylure 020 lashes. We love this super fine blend of lashes, they give subtle volume in all the right places while supplying some length for the girl next door look.

Weekend Away

Unless it’s a romantic couples get away, when going away for just the weekend we usually try to cram in as many events, shopping trips and family visits as humanly possible. All these different situations call for different looks and what better suggestion for this type of event than individual lashes. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we only sell long lasting non-permanent adhesives, but pairing a glue such as Eylure Superfix Clear Adhesive with Ardell Duralashes Naturals Combo lashes will give you all the tools you need. Superfix adhesive is easy to remove with Eylure Lift Off, and with some handy top ups and style changes it will hopefully get you through your weekend.

Going to a festival is all about having a good time and not taking your look too seriously (there are no showers after all, you have to get creative!). The lashes that remind us of summer and the festival season every time we look at them are Baddie by Dose of Lashes. If you are careful with how you take them off they are also easily reused so you only have to take the one pair with you!


When going away for longer than a weekend, multiple lashes are a must. You know the score, you remove your lashes and neatly place them by your make up bag on top of that towel and then BOOM you forget all about them until the next night when you come to put them on. You have used that towel here, there and everywhere all day - and all that is left is one lash on the living room floor and the other is long gone. This calls for a multipack. Taking a multipack with you ensures you have multiple pairs of your favourite lashes minus the stresses of life coming between you and a full set. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock a variety of multipacks from different brands, the most popular as chosen by you are the Ardell Demi Wispies and the Eylure 117 Triple Pack. Between these two styles you have your casual and your party lashes sorted.

Day at the Beach

When visiting the beach it is usually all about the sunbathing so the last thing you need is a full set of lashes feeling uncomfortable under your sunglasses. For beach friendly lashes we suggest accent lashes, these are great as they are applied only to the outer corners and come in a variety of lengths and thickness. We suggest a more natural blend and more specifically Ardell Accent 318 Lashes, these have a wispy feel with the benefits of a fine blend.

Hosting a BBQ

The last thing any girl needs is her falsies melting off while she is slaving over a BBQ this summer. To avoid any BBQ drama we suggest to keep the look quite natural but still with a little bit of something to make you feel chic whilst mingling with your guests. Why not try the Invogue individual lashes, they are great to create your own look whether it is just filling in the gaps in your natural lashes or creating a winged edge, the only drama you will face is if the dog runs off with grannies hot dog.

Fancy Dress Party

If you are attending a fancy dress party this summer you are going to need something bold and fun. We love Ardell Edgy 404 Lashes, they are totally out there and an over the top blend and defiantly not the norm. We would wear these for Disco themed night to turn some heads.

What do you think?

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