Brand Focus: Revlon


Revlon is the newest member to our false lash family and we couldn’t be happier with its cute packaging, fabulous lashes and amazing adhesives. Revlon is a global success with a variety of products across all areas of the cosmetics industry. This post today will look into the brand in a little more detail to unearth some secrets and reveal the current top 5 favourites as chosen by you.

Brand Focus: Revlon

A little Revlon history lesson…

The story begins back in 1932 when the brand was founded by two brother’s named Charles and Joseph Revson along with a chemist Charles Lachman - his last initial contributed to the L in Revlon. The three combined all their knowledge and resources to create their first product which was a nail lacquer that they believed to be unique from others along with a unique manufacturing method to process it. They sold their long lasting nail enamel in beauty salons followed shortly by department stores and chemists.

During the 1940's and the War, Revlon contributed to the efforts by creating first aid kits along with dye markers for the navy. After the end of the war Revlon turned their attention to expansion within the nail industry and produced tool kits for manicures and pedicures.

By the 1950’s Revlon were in full flow and producing new nail enamels as well as lipsticks twice a year. They used their success and turned to television sponsorship to boost sales further.

The 60’s brought around the all American look for the brand. They began using American models in their advertisements, laying the groundwork for a successful international existence within the market.

The 70s saw the introduction of more products and more success for the brand. In 1973 Revlon launched the fragrance Charlie, it was designed to appeal to the young working lady and soon became a number 1 seller all around the world.

Did you know that Barry M apparently drew inspiration from the success of this product having a masculine name? This is why he decided to keep his cosmetics name under his own.

Fast forward to the 90s Revlon renewed and re-energised the brand and its position as a figure head within the cosmetics industry. It saw the introduction of their first transfer resistant lip colour which led the path for their Colour stay range in a variety of products. 

Brand Focus: Revlon

Back to the present day

Aside from their fantastic products Revlon also have a Revlon Cares role in which it is associated with a select variety of charities and organisation to help make the world a better place. They are involved with the charity Look Good… Feel Better which was established in 1989 and helps cancer sufferers with the effect of the changes in appearance through treatment.

Our range of Revlon products

Revlon now have products in all areas of cosmetics aside from their original range of nail enamel including products for your lips, eyes and face. Specifically they have a range of false eyelashes in different styles along with a selection of adhesives and a remover.

We love the variety of lashes we have in stock and we love their simple chic packaging. 

Brand Focus: Revlon

Beyond Natural: We stock eight items within the Beyond Natural range including two twin packs and one multipack. The eight styles are all stunning and help to enhance different needs from volumising, lengthening or intensifying.

Runway Double Layer: We stock two sets of lashes within this range; Epic and Extreme. They both have a wispier finish to the double layer lashes. They are eye catching in the best way and the super sleek packaging makes them easy to store, PLUS the packaging even comes with care and application instructions.

Self-Adhesive:  These stunning self-adhesive lashes are part of the Fantasy Length range. Triple layer lashes can be hard to apply making these self-adhesive lashes your new best friend. Revlon even include extra self-adhesive glue strips so by following the care and application instructions, you can wear these beauties multiple times.

The Popularity Contest

You are probably wondering which of these Revlon lashes have been popular since debuting in our extensive collection of lashes. Our collection from this prestigious brand also includes a white and dark adhesive, and a remover - these false eyelash aids have been increasingly popular buys. What is great about the adhesives is that they come in a handy tube (think Benefit Gimme Brow) and complement lashes from a variety of brands, making them staple additions to anyone’s makeup bag. The remover also comes in a tube, making it easy to travel with, helping you to avoid any falsie removal dramas.

Let’s have a look at the current Top 5 Revlon lashes…

5. Thickening Chic: The Thickening Chic lashes are gorgeously designed to enhance volume and fullness of lashes in all the right places.

4. Defining Multipack: We love a good multipack here at HQ and these Revlon Defining lashes have been causing quite the stir. They have been popular with lash wearers looking to create a more defining style with the right amount of volume and length.

3. Dramatic 3X (Self Adhesive): This self-adhesive lash has been becoming increasingly popular, it is the lazy girl’s cult product to looking good in a hurry. We can see why you have been loving these Revlon Self-Adhesive lashes, they even come with additional glue strips to help you really get the most for your money.

2. Cutie Doll: These are stunning petal shaped lashes designed to enhance your natural lashes whilst still creating a striking look. Pair Cutie Doll lashes with Revlon Adhesive in either white or dark.

1. Dramatic 3X: A lot of you love a thicker lash and we do too, especially on a night out. These handmade lashes feature 3X the volume for a striking gorgeous finish. They have been very popular and we can’t see them dropping down from the top spot anytime soon!

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