Halloween False Eyelashes: What's Your Style?


It is that time of year again when us ladies are asking ourselves that age old question; cute cat, sexy witch? These aren’t the only Halloween fancy dress options open to us (let’s not forget the classic zombie Airhostess) but when we want to look more Beyoncé than Chuckie, we don’t tend to stray far from the comfort zone.

This year we have been putting some serious thought into how we can spice up our fancy dress choices with some seriously mesmerising makeup and lashes, which are sure to cast a spell and a hint of envy, on other party goers. Grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte and step into the twilight zone. (Apply liberal amounts of fake blood and cobwebs as required!)

Cute Cat

The cute cat is possibly one of the easiest outfits to throw together last minute. It is the perfect excuse to take that LBD out for a spin or wear that slightly risqué black jumpsuit that seemed a great idea in the changing rooms but less genius in your bedroom mirror. The only added extras are the obligatory cat ears and a tail if you’re feeling adventurous. When it comes to the makeup you can either play it safe or go all out, if you are a lover of the cat’s eye winged liner look like us, you are going to love this look.

The lashes: Eye Candy 3D Lash, Meghan

The falsies of choice for this look had to create a sultry feline flicked look. We didn’t want to go for just a full blend of lash but something with volume, length and a cool flick. These Eye Candy lashes are perfect to pair with a feline eye makeup look. We suggest using lashings of liquid eyeliner to create the feline eye, paired with your glitter liner of choice for a bit of Halloween magic. Don’t forget to use your eyeliner to create that super cute cat’s nose and whiskers.

Sexy Witch

We don’t know about you but growing up us girls at False Eyelashes HQ were a witch EVERY Halloween. I’m not sure we even knew there was another choice?! Whether it was bin bags dresses or a fully-fledged witch cape, we rocked that look for years on the run. Fast forward to “adulthood” and we still can’t shake the urge to reach for the witches hat and stripy tights.

The lashes: Ardell Fashion Lashes 134

Halloween False Eyelashes: What's Your Style?

For the classic witches style we had to go with a lash as spikey as the persona were playing. We adore these Ardell lashes and now we have found the perfect occasion to wear them. We are planning to style our lashes of choice with a spooky pale base with serious Kim Kardashian-West contouring, a bold pouty lip look and that must have beauty spot. Let the lashes do the talking on your eyes but accentuate the lids with some shading in the crease.

Zombie Bride

The look loved by University Students everywhere. Halloween would not be the same without the sea of Zombie brides in wedding dresses and Primark nightwear. It can be quite a simple look to create and is definitely for the bolder party goer.

The lashes: Eylure Naturalites 100

Halloween False Eyelashes: What's Your Style?

This Halloween style will suite the girly party goer. This make up look requires a bit too much of that pale finishing powder and a natural yet glamorous, wedding eye look. We have decided to go for more of a glamorous false lash style, as the key to this outfit is the dress of choice and that obligatory wedding vale.

Zombie Cheerleader

Whether you’re a veteran cheerleader or you ordered your outfit from eBay, Zombie Cheerleader is one of the more fun outfits of choice for Halloween. We love to rip up our skirts and add an Alfred Hitchcock amount of fake blood, fake cobwebs and fake bruises. Why not add some fake lashes too?

The lashes: Revlon Epic 2x Layer

Halloween False Eyelashes: What's Your Style?


There is no better excuse to pull out those super full, double layer lashes. We love these Revlon lashes and love the way they turn this Zombie Cheerleader look into “Night of the living glamour” rather than “Night of the living dead (and boring)”. This makeup look calls for a super exaggerated girly look with Barbie standard blusher and bright lips. We are keeping our eye look quite simple with some greyer cool toned eyeshadow and letting the lashes do all the talking.

When it comes to Halloween the outfit choices are pretty unlimited. You can choose to go super scary and gruesome or cute and girly. So this Halloween whether you’re a Zombie Airhostess or Edward Scissor Hands, glam up your look and win “Best Dressed” with the aid of some fabulous falsies.

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