5 Tips for Better Looking Lashes


5 Tips for Better Looking Lashes

One of the main reasons people avoid false eyelashes is the application process. Usually practise makes perfect, but there are a couple of tips and tricks that can help you seriously up your lash game!

  • 1. Cut them down to the right shape

As strip lashes only come in one size, you may need to trim them down to fit your eye shape! To do this, measure the lash up to your eye to see if the lash band extends further than your natural lash line, if it does then don’t panic! Grab a small pair of scissors and cut off the excess (away from your eyes/ natural lashes of-course) for the perfect pair of fitting falsies!

If you don’t like the idea of cutting down the lashes but have small eyes, why not try the House of Lashes Mini Collection! The collection contains the top 4 best selling styles in a miniature size – ensuring a comfortable and perfect fit. 

  • 2. Apply a coat of mascara

If you are looking to reuse your lashes then don’t apply too much, but applying one layer of mascara to the lashes once the glue has dried ensures a seamless looking finish between your own lashes and the falsies.

  • 3. Hide the lash band

Try your best to get the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible, if you can’t then don’t worry, it’s time to move on to the liner! Taking a black eye shadow and a small angled brush, applying a small amount of product over the lash band to hide any mistakes. This creates a seamless finish and disguises any gaps there may be between your natural lashes and the lash band.

  • 4. Pick a style to suit you

Different falsies suit different eye shapes – be sure to pick a pair of lashes that compliment the natural shape of your eye. 

  • 5. Applying enough adhesive

When applying the adhesive, how much you apply and where you apply is important! Ensure that both ends of the lash have enough adhesive on them and lash dramas will be a thing of the past.

Lash adhesive matters

It goes without saying, but lash adhesive really does matter - both how much you apply, and which adhesive you use. Strip lash adhesive is only for use on strip lashes, and individual lash adhesive is only for use on flares/clusters - the two shouldn't be confused. It's also important to pick a quality brand of lash adhesive, there are lots of cheap unbranded lash glues out there, but many aren't safe to use, and some don't offer firm hold once applied. Take our advice and try adhesive from one of the big names like DUO or Eylure.

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