How to apply individual eyelashes


Individual lashes can give your eyes a whole new look - a look that's very different to strip lashes. This is mainly because you can place them at random, and where you want, to achieve natural, soft looking lashes. You can opt for long lashes in the outer corners for a feminine, fun, feline look. The look achieved can change dramatically depending on the length used and how many are applied.

As with strip lashes, the things you will need to properly apply the clusters are: Lash glue, lashes, cuticle scissors, a mirror and tweezers or another make-up tool you can use to manipulate the lashes whilst applying them.

As with strip lashes, you should always apply individual lashes after applying your face and eye make-up. With individual lashes it is recommended to apply a thin line of dark eyeliner, as this makes sure that there aren’t obvious gaps of skin showing between the individual lashes.

To start with make sure you have selected a length you are happy with, most come in ‘short’, ‘medium’ and ‘long’. You can either squeeze a tiny amount of the lash glue onto the tip of each lash (one at a time) or squeeze a small amount on a disposable surface such as the tray the lashes came on, and gently drag the lash ends through the glue.

You should allow the glue to become sticky or tacky before securing the lashes just above your lash line. Tweezers are the best tool to lay them in place on your eyelid, and it is best to apply them at equal spaces along the lash line. The idea is to try and make them look as natural as possible and to make sure that they blend in well with your natural lashes.

Allow the lashes to set for a few minutes, and the glue to dry, and then repeat the previous step if you feel more lashes are needed or if there any areas need to be tweaked. Apply a few coats of mascara to help you natural and false lashes blend well together - you should then have the desired look depending on how many lashes you applied; either natural or a bit more dramatic.