Which lashes should you choose?


When choosing your lashes it is important to remember you need to buy lashes that will suit your eye shape. If you have small eyes and want to make them appear bigger it might be a better idea to go for individual lashes and apply them mainly to the outer corners.

Choosing lashes doesn't have to be difficult

If you want to make your eyes appear wider, one option would be to use lashes on the outer third of your eye, thus making that outer third more noticeable and making the eye look wider.

If you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and have really wide set eyes, an option would be to apply slightly more lashes to the inner corner of your eyes, pulling the look of the eye inwards.

If you find your eyes are too round, one way to alter this would be to lengthen the whole lash line with an emphasis on the outer corners.

Lashes can vastly change the appearance of your face, so it is important to consider the different options available when choosing false lashes. There are colours to consider too: majority of lashes are black, but you can get lashes in brown, plum, wine or even blue! This is just a few examples of different colours out there.

Black or dark brown lashes tend to look the most natural, and black with a hint of colour that accentuates eye colour can really make eyes ‘pop’. There is also length to consider; are you going for natural or dramatic? The length of the lashes can really impact on the ‘naturalness’ of your look. This also ties in with which type of lashes you should settle for. If you go for individual lashes, it is easier to manipulate your look, by applying a few well placed short or longer lashes to achieve the desired outcome. However, if you are opting for a quick easy look, or don’t have much experience using false lashes, then strip falsies might be the ones for you. If you are careful, you can always trim strip lashes down to the required length and shape.

Of course there are so many different brands and types of lashes, from fluttery to feline right through to flippin’ ridiculous - there is bound to be something out there to suit the look you want.