A Yazmae Lash For Every Mood and Every Occasion

A Yazmae Lash For Every Mood and Every Occasion

Posted on by Jenny Ho

It can be hard when choosing false eyelashes for different occasions. But don’t worry, we got you covered in this post. Get ready to make an impact on your look for every single occasion. Whether it be girl next door vibes, au naturel, sassy but classy or serving serious drama – there’s a lash for you.

Spice up your lashdrobe and serve some serious looks with the below Yazmae false eyelashes, for every mood and every occasion.

Date Lash

Without a shadow of a doubt you want to impress your date on the night. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and you want them peepers to pop. Well, look no further because we have got the perfect set of Yazmae lashes for your date night - MONACO. Textured and fluffy, but not too voluminous that they overshadow your eye makeup. Team with winged eyeliner for a fun and flirty look.

P.s Make sure you come prepared with lash glue in your bag. You don’t want the corner of your lashes lifting from your eye!

Girls Night Out Lash

Dress to impress but don’t forget to show off your lash look. Just like heels complete your outfit, lashes complete your makeup look. To truly impress choose lashes that are glamorous, full and fluffy.

The lash we’ve handpicked for your girls night out is Yazmae MILAN lashes. This lash focuses on giving you the ultimate volume without the excessive length. Plus they can be reused for your next night out. Just remember to look after them.

Time to grab your gals and get on the lash (no pun intended).

Birthday Lash

As 50 cent would say ‘we gon’ party like it’s yo’ birthday, we gon’ sip barcadi like it’s yo’ birthday’ – we gonna lash up like it’s yo’ birthday!

For this occasion we have chosen the Yazmae lashes in style Paris. They heighten your eyes giving off a playful wide eyed look. The spaced out clusters across the lash line offer volume and length, with added definition for a bold look. Make sure you’re the centre of attention in these lashes with spot light smoke eye makeup. No one will be able to keep their eyes off you with this look.  

Dinner Lash

Whether it be a family dinner, reunion with long lost friends we all want to look our best from head to toe. Skip the heavy makeup up and opt for lashes to accentuate your eye shape. Our top choice of lash for a dinner gathering, is the stunning Yazmae lashes in style MIAMI; fluffy, wispy with long lasting curl. The V shaped clusters allows your natural lashes to seamlessly blend in, adding length and volume.    

Or if you want to keep it sophisticated but glam, we would suggest lash style DUBAI. These lashes slightly elongate towards the outer lash making them perfect for a creating a cat eye look.

What’s your next big occasion and which Yazmae lashes will you be trying?

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