Blinking Beaute lashes - A guide for all occasions


Blinking Beautes glamorous array of bespoke lashes and superior style packaging is what really makes this brand a hit with our customers. The brains behind this beautiful brand is none other than makeup enthusiast Megan Naik, beginning her journey in California Bay where people tend to be more open minded and easy going. Blinking Beaute have one mission and one mission only; to create ultra glam lashes that stand out from the crowd with their quality materials and versatile styles. There is something for everyone, you're bound to find the lash of your dreams. We want to give you a helping hand to make sure you choose the right lash for any occasion you've got planned this year, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you, you can thank us later. Blinking Beaute have a selection of Silk and Mink lashes available so we are going to give you the best of both worlds and let you decide. You provide the occasion, we’ll provide the lashes.

Date Night

Looking for the perfect date night lashes? We’ve got you covered. Whether this is your first date with your favourite match on tinder or your 5 year anniversary with your best friend, we know you want to be looking your best no matter what the occasion. A date night usually means dressing semi formal, so your lashes need to match this dress code too. Being flirty and fabulous is on the agenda for this evening and we aim to impress with both sets of these lashes.

Mink lashes -  Blinking Beaute Mink Lashes - No. 7

Silk lashes - Blinking Beaute Silk Lashes - Ingenue

Brunch with the girls 

We understand that ‘just having brunch with the girls’ doesn't mean you need to go lashless, we want you to look and feel your best all day, no matter what the time is. Having the perfect daytime lash can be essential in making sure you don't go too OTT but still are ready and raring to go. With both of these effortlessly stunning lashes, you're bound to get a few people asking, ‘are those real?’

Mink lashes- Blinking Beaute Mink Lashes - No. 6

Silk lashes - Blinking Beaute 3D Silk Lashes - Understated

Big night out

So its the weekend and you and your gal pals have decided to hit the town, or perhaps it's your besties 21st birthday party? Whatever you're doing, we have found the perfect falsies for your big night out. We know you want to look glamour asf and have all eyes on you, so here are our fave falsies to get you noticed.

Mink lashes - Blinking Beaute Mink Lashes - Samantha

Wedding guest

Maybe it's your favourite cousin's wedding and you're desperately trying to find a pair of lashes that will go with the flow and suit your wedding guest glow. No need to stress, below are our firm faves for all for all of our lash lovers out there! Remember, you want to accessorise to match the formality of the event, weddings are usually but not always, a formal do. We suggest having a look that is the best of both worlds - it should do the trick.

Mink lashes- Blinking Beaute Silk Lashes - Bombesque

Interview / business meeting 

Formal formal formal, that is all we can say for this one. We know this is a huge deal for you, it might be your first job or you might be going for the job of your dreams, we get it, it's scary and we have chosen some lashes that scream personality and ‘let's get down to business'. You want to make sure you’re looking sharp and feeling smart.

Mink lashes - Blinking Beaute Mink Lashes - No. 3

Silk lashes- Blinking Beaute Silk Lashes - Ingenue