Blinking Beaute: New Lash Styles in Now!


 Blinking Beaute: New Lash Styles in Now!

Blinking Beaute are the perfect choice if you love luxurious, on trend lash styles that offer premium quality. Their collection ranges from Mink Lashes, to Silk and now 3D Silk Lashes! Whether you require a thick, fluffy pair of falsies, or a more subtle, natural style our Blinking Beaute range is sure to have something that catches your eye.

We have recently added three brand new Blinking Beaute 3D Silk lash styles here at and each pair provides a unique enhancement, so there is a design for every occasion, to suit everyone’s needs.


This style is overly dramatic in terms of length and volume, and it provides a bold finish that looks amazing teamed with heavy eye makeup. Its multi-layered design adds dimension and each lash cluster is softly spaced out for a full, textured effect and flawless definition. For a high quality, elegant lash look this style is simply stunning.

Best for wear on special occasions


Style Halvsies is a great pick for those times you don’t require a full strip lash or if you prefer to add length and volume to each outer edge of the eye. Each lash cluster is layered and flares outwards to create density and a curled appearance. This is a much softer alternative to a standard strip lash, and it achieves a much more seamless blend with your natural lashes.

Best for daytime wear


For a classic, glamorous lash look this style is hard to beat! Offering a medium volume and 3D layered design, these lovely lashes gradually increase in length towards each outer edge providing an elongated enhancement and a voluminous look. Full and fluttery without being overly dramatic, this pair is ideal for taking your lash game to the next level.

Best for an ultra-glam girl’s night out.

*Please note these lashes don’t come with adhesive, however we sell a wide range of glues on our website. Have a read of one of our latest posts here to find a lash adhesive to suit you. *

Which Blinking Beaute style will you be choosing?