Brand Focus: Doll Beauty


Brand Focus: Doll Beauty

The latest brand to land here at is the amazing Doll Beauty and we’re super excited to share some of our favourite lash styles with you today! Founded by beauty experts Sam and Dani, Doll Beauty has fast become a well-loved name within the false eyelash industry thanks to their high quality products and stunning lash designs. Whether you require a dramatic pair of falsies, or a soft glam style our brand new Doll Beauty collection is sure to have something to suit you.

Chloe Elizabeth

Crafted to create a striking lash look, style Chloe Elizabeth boasts length, volume and texture. The layering of dense lash clusters, in between finer strands creates a full, fluffy appearance that adds definition and depth to your natural lashes in an instant. The perfect pick for parties or stand out occasions; these lovely lashes suit an array of different eye shapes and sizes; glamour icon Katie Price is even a fan!


Jasmine is one of the bestselling Doll Beauty lash styles from their entire collection! Offering dramatic length that is heightened in the centre for an eye opening effect, these lovely lashes are extremely lightweight despite their heavy density and voluminous appearance. If you love a full look from your falsies, then this bold style is a top choice.


Style Samantha oozes glamour! Featuring flared clusters that gradually increase in length and volume towards each outer edge, this design is ideal for achieving a dramatic cat-eye look. Their multi-layered appearance offers a full, wispy finish that delivers high intensity with every application.


This style is slightly more versatile than the three previous designs, as it can be worn for both day and night time occasions. The gradual fade in density from base to tip softens the look for a more delicate, fluttery finish that adds length and volume without being too heavy or bold.

Which Doll Beauty lash style do you love? Click here to shop our incredible Doll Beauty lash range now!