Brand Focus: House of Lashes

House of Lashes Brand Focus

Hard to find in the UK up until now, we are so excited to bring you the must have House of Lashes range! Celebrities and our fave Instagram babes can’t get enough of these gorgeous lashes… and here's why...

House of Lashes Iconic

Lets start with the style Iconic which as the name suggests are truly, Iconic. Unlike any lashes we’ve seen before they are incredibly unique - the lashes criss-cross over each other forming a V-shape towards the ends, offering almost a spiky looking finish. These lashes are tapered making them more comfortable, and also helping create that gorgeous cat eye look. On their own or paired with a smokey eye, you’ll be having everyone wondering what lashes you’re wearing!

Next up we have Boudoir, like the Iconic style, these lashes have the same criss-cross pattern adding volume and definition at the lash line. The lash hairs are concentrated at the centre of lash band, then fan out to a more natural finish at both the inner and outer corners. For anyone with hooded eyelids this style is perfect to create the illusion of bigger eyes – or perfect for that full, doe eyed look in general!

The Pixie Luxe' lashes are another popular style. Adding length without too much volume these lashes are fluttery and feathery at the ends, with the criss-cross pattern at the start of the lashes. If you want the longest lashes in town then Pixie Luxe are for you!

Moving on to the Heartbreaker lashes, these are on another level of wispy! The long fluttery lashes have seriously wispy ends that will add drama to your eye look. They are long without too much volume, so if it is wispy lengths you are after then go for the Heartbreaker.

If you love lashes and are yet to try the House of Lashes styles then you’re seriously missing out. With a unique range of styles and on-trend designs, we just can’t get enough of this brand! Remember there are more styles online which all come with FREE 1st Class delivery - so why order anywhere else?