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Brand Focus: Luxy Lash

Posted 17 November 2016

Luxy Lash

When it comes to choosing a new pair of falsies, we know that there a few boxes that need to be ticked. The Luxy Lash styles are on trend, outstanding quality and comfortable to wear. With names like 'Queen of Everything' and 'Pretty on Fleek', this fun brand has combined incredibly 'on-trend' lash styles with premium quality – creating a brand that ticks all the right boxes. 


There are 15 styles in total meaning lots of choice to find the perfect option. First up is 'Trap Queen', this style is graduated offering that sultry, elongated eye effect. The lashes criss cross over each other and look slightly wispy, helping your natural lashes blend seamlessly. This style offers lots of volume to finish a bold eye look... are you daring enough to take on this style?

Next up is the Luxy Lash style 'Pretty on Fleek', who can resist lashes that are on fleek? We can't! This style is like a toned down version of trap queen, with much more emphasis on length rather than volume. The graduated finish helps the lashes feel comfortable on the eye and blend well with your natural lashes – a winning style if you ask us!

Finally we have the Luxy Lash in the style 'Westside'. Completely different to the other two styles, these lashes give you mega volume that is concentrated at the centre of the lash for a wide-eyed effect. The clusters of lashes across the lash line provide dramatic volume from start to finish, it will be all eyes on you with this gorgeous style.

Order your Luxy Lash styles from us and receive free 1st Class delivery in the UK. Your lashes are sure to be on fleek with the styles from this brand, that's for sure!

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