Brand Focus: Morphe Lashes


Morphe Lashes

Finding affordable falsies that are good quality and a gorgeous style has never been easier! One of our favourite brands that ticks all of those boxes is Morphe Lashes – their falsies are pretty damn special!

For those that love drama…

No smokey eye makeup look is complete without a pair of extravagant falsies. Morphe Lashes in style #61 are the perfect “does it all” pair of lashes. Not only does the thickness at the lash line provide oodles of volume, you don’t need to compromise on length with this style either. If you want all eyes on you, these won’t let you down.

Another pair of falsies adding full frontal drama is the Morphe #304 lashes - it’s hard not to love these lashes. They are full from start to finish making your eyes the statement of your look, the volume starts at the lash band and finishes at the tips. These lashes are the perfect finishing touch to any dark, dramatic eye look.

If you fancy something a little more subtle…

The Morphe #606 lashes offer a more subtle finish, so you can have length and volume without too much density and drama. These lashes are a medium/long length making them perfect for both daytime and special occasions. 

The Morphe #218 lashes are a staple lash! This style is tapered elongating the eye and creating a comfortable, natural looking finish. This style manages to provide length and definition in a more subtle way- you’ll be fooling people into thinking you have naturally gorgeous lashes.

The most discrete of them all are the Morphe #307 lashes. This style is a half lash, perfect to add some definition and length in the outer corner. The half lashes are fab for anyone wanting to layer their falsies, or to create a very subtle look.

There are over 50 different styles to choose from by Morphe Lashes, so you're sure to find falsies you love in the range. Place your order right here, right now and get FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more.