Brand Focus: Red Cherry Lashes


Red Cherry Lashes Brand Focus

Red Cherry Lashes are fabulous yet affordable! With just under 100 styles to choose from, without a compromise on style or quality, you’re bound to find the perfect pair of falsies in the Red Cherry range. 

Which Red Cherry Lashes will you choose?

We've selected our top five, best selling lash styles from Red Cherry to get you started on choosing the perfect pair.

Red Cherry Lashes #43 (Stevi)

Ahh the beloved Stevi lash, if you love long, tapered lashes then you need these in your life! They are lightweight, and perfect for day to day or an evening pick. The Stevi lashes come on an invisible lash band, making them easy to apply and unnoticeable along the lash line.

Red Cherry Lashes #WSP

What is a lash collection without a Wispy style? These lashes are made up of individual hairs at different lengths, creating both volume and length in a more natural way. The Wispy style helps these lashes blend in with your natural lashes adding definition discreetly.

Red Cherry Lashes #DemiWispy

Demi Wispy lashes are again a cult style, and Red Cherry know how to do it well! Like the regular Wispy lashes this style has a fluttery finish, except the lashes are graduated with length increasing towards the end. The flared outer corners provide extra definition and make your eyes look wider. 

Red Cherry Lashes #Sage 

The Sage #523 style are again a pair of lashes offering length, they are tapered at either end of the lash helping to make your eyes look bigger. The clear lash band makes the lashes disappear against your natural lash line, for an effortless, elegant long lash look.

Red Cherry Lashes #415

The #415 lashes are set to turn heads. These lashes are long and made up of different lash lengths adding volume and drama. They are perfect for anyone looking to add both volume and length in a wearable way.

From only £4.49 with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more, these lashes are the ultimate lash steal.

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