Brand Focus: Unicorn Lashes

Unicorn Lashes

Great news! We are now an official stockist of Unicorn Lashes - an exciting new lash brand.

Over 20 Unicorn Lashes styles to choose from 

After spying the gorgeous packaging, crazy names and luxurious quality we just know that you will love Unicorn Lashes. Offering either silk or mink styles, there is something for everyone from the brand.

The Majestic AF Lashes are (as you can probably tell by the name) pretty special, they are incredibly curly and the 3D effect gives them a multi dimensional appearance, adding extra volume and definition. With a slightly tapered finish these lashes are full yet lightweight and comfortable. If you don’t like to compromise on length then the Vespertine Lashes are the ones for you. Without lacking in volume these lashes are long, fluttery and curly adding a real eye opening effect. Forget your clutch bag, these lashes are the perfect night out accessory!

Next up we have the Pixie Wisp Lashes, who doesn’t love a wispy lash look! These lashes are luxurious adding length in a more wearable way, the wispy lash strands help to blend both your natural lashes and the falsies together creating a seamless look. As for Rainbow Wings (we told you there were some crazy names). These lashes are tapered with clusters of criss- cross hairs offering lots of volume and length, these beauties are sure to make you stand out.

If oodles of volume isn’t for you then not to worry! The Aquarelle lashes provide wearable length without too much volume, these lashes are a pretty edition to your false lash collection. Next are the Aurora Queen lashes, which are not to be overlooked! They may seem subtle but they offer length in a wearable and less dramatic way, being one of the most natural styles of the mink lash range, they are perfect for every day wear or a subtle touch of glamour.

No need to dream of the perfect falsies, the Serene Dream lashes have more definition and volume in the outer corners and a lighter look at the start of the lash, creating a gorgeous and refreshing wide eyed look. If you love the gradient effect but like more of a curl to your lashes then the Wanderlust style will be perfect for you. Curling out towards the end of the lash these are long and fluttery, with the curl to the lashes giving you that dreamy doll eyed look.

The Luna Fleur lashes are a strip lash combining criss-crossed lash hairs to create volume, and they certainly don’t lack length either. These lashes are perfect for a glamourous every day look or for an evening out, a good all-rounder for your collection! The Starstruck lashes are bound to make your friends jealous, and like the name suggests star struck! By combining different lengths of lashes and using a criss-cross effect again, these lashes add drama through extra length and volume.

If you want doll like eyes, then the Twinkle lashes are a dream. These lashes concentrate all the volume into the centre of the lash, making your eyes appear bigger. If the only drama you want in your life is from your falsies, then you’ll be after Raven! These lashes are the whole package offering length, volume and drama to complete any makeup look. Last but certainly not least are the Bambi lashes (spotted on Love Island’s Olivia Buckland) like Raven, you’re not going to be missed wearing these. Bambi are tapered but still full of volume, length and power! If you are after making a statement and want all eyes on you, then it has to be either Raven or Bambi you go for!

There’s the low down on the Unicorn Lashes mink lash collection. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and when you order from you will receive FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. So what are you waiting for? Order your Unicorn Lashes now!