Brand Focus: Vegas Nay Lashes


Vegas Nay Lashes

There is no better person to design lashes than the Instagram beauty sensation Vegas Nay. With over 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, she certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to makeup. In collaboration with Eylure, Vegas Nay has created four strip lash styles, one box of individuals and some lash adhesive.

The five fab Vegas Nay lash styles


By far the most popular style from the range, Grand Glamor are exactly as the name suggests. These lashes have a criss-cross effect at the start of the lash line creating volume and drama. The glamor comes from the added lash length, making them the whole package - Certain to wow for a special occasion. This style is also layered creating a 3D effect that mimics the look of more expensive lashes. If you like a bold and breath taking look, then the Grand Glamor lashes are for you.


Like Grand Glamor, Shining Star boasts a lot of length, but if you prefer something with less volume then this style is perfect for you. The lashes are long and curly with pointed tips to help create a full look across the lash line. Shining Star have a textured, fluttery finish so you’ll be sure to turn heads. 


If you are looking to elongate your eye shape and create a wide eyed look, then you will love Easy Elegance. With a clear lash band this style is easily disguised along your lash line creating a seamless finish. The lashes are wispy and long with more length in the outer corners. A more natural lash compared to the previous two styles, so perfect is you prefer a subtle finish.


Don’t like too much length? Not to worry… the style Classic Charm will be perfect for you! These lashes have more volume and definition at the start of the lash line, which then fades out to a medium length lash. Perfect for both day time and special occasions, everyone needs a classic charm in their collection. 


The Pretty Perfect individual lashes are perfect if you are looking to customise your look and create something unique. With short, medium and long lashes in the pack, you can create any look you like, with a finish that is long lasting and truly unique to you.

All of the Vegas Nay lashes are lightweight, reusable and come with Eylure adhesive! Order yours here at to receive FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more.