Brand Focus: Violet Voss Lashes


Brand Focus Violet Voss Lashes

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are now official stockists of the hugely popular beauty brand, Violet Voss! Offering a range of their stunning lash styles, as well as the eagerly anticipated Unicorn Trio collection, we thought we would break down our top choice falsies from this impressive, hard to find brand.

Our favourite Violet Voss lash styles

Eyes Eyes Baby (click here to view this style)

This dramatic design has criss-crossed hairs creating a feathery, textured look that flares outwards beautifully. 3D and triple stacked for a stunning, multi-layered appearance, these lashes offer extreme volume. These premium quality faux mink falsies are made from synthetic fibres for a fabulous finish. Ideal for girly nights out where you wish to look ultra-glam and add slight edge to your look. 

Sexy and Eye Know It (click here to view this style)

For those that want to take volume to another level, you are sure to absolutely love these lashes. The incredibly dense lash strands are triple stacked for a dimensional finish and full, fluffy texture. They provide a stunning curl, and fabulous flare in each outer corner. Perfect for special occasions, they replicate the look, feel and quality of mink lashes; without the mink hair.

Eye DGAF (click here to view this style)

This lovely 3D layered design provides the ultimate volume. The dramatic length and gradual fade from dense lashes at the base of the band, to finer, fluffier tips results in a striking effect once applied. The delicately criss-crossed lash strands create a beautiful texture and high quality finish. These falsies are fab for any occasion you wish to make a bold statement!

Black Magic (click here to view this style)

The tapered ends of these fabulous falsies as well as their triple layered design adds extra volume for a stunning, dimensional finish. The gradual increase in length towards each outer corner offers an elongated appearance, and glamorous effect. Featuring a soft spacing in between the lashes helps creates definition, and a slightly more subtle look in comparison to the other styles.

Eye Da Hoe (click here to view this style)

For a seriously full, thick lash look this style is sure to make you stand out. The dense clusters of lashes and dimensional design creates a gorgeous feathery effect, and the elongated ends allow you to achieve a dramatic, cat eye look. Made from high quality synthetic fibres, these lashes mimic the look and feel of mink falsies, resulting in a flawless finish. This sophisticated style is suitable for any occasion where you want to stand out.

Which lash do you love?

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