Brand New Dragon Lashes!


Brand New Dragon Lashes!

The Unicorn Cosmetics range is tremendously popular and well-loved by our customers which is why we are excited to announce that we now stock the brand new Dragon Lashes range, here at!

With four new magnificent styles in the most magical packaging these falsies are difficult not to love. Ranging from the most natural lashes in the collection Flammie to the most dramatic lashes Blaise there really is something for everyone. Each style is also crafted from the highest quality faux silk fibres, providing a luxurious finish and making all Dragon Lashes completely cruelty free and vegan. If you can’t decide which Dragon Lashes style is for you, we’ve provided a closer look into each incredible design.  


Looking for the perfect party lash? Blaise; the most dramatic style from the Dragon Lashes collection, features thick strands of lashes that are multi-layered creating a bold and glamorous look. The increased density at the base of the lash, enhances the lash line for a full, dramatic finish and the dense, fluffy texture allows for a stunning, stand out effect.


For a softer, natural looking enhancement, style Flammie is sure to be your go-to. Consisting of a soft, criss-crossed design and graduated length, these lovely lashes create an elegant, winged out effect adding subtle length and volume, effortlessly completing your makeup look and accentuating your eye shape for flawless results.


If you’re looking for lashes that you can wear both day and night, then style Enchantra is a top pick. These luxurious lashes feature fine and thick hairs combined to create a medium volume that is perfect for any occasion. The soft design adds impressive, eye opening length and finishes with a beautiful curled effect.

Ice Fyre

For medium length and volume, style Ice Fyre is a clear winner. The delicate layering of ultra-fine strands form a natural-looking finish, and an eye enhancing curl. This incredibly lightweight style is versatile enough for wear on any occasion, and also offers optimal comfort making it suitable for day to day.

Shop all Dragon Lashes styles here, and to take a closer look at these styles in our YouTube video here! Which Dragon Lashes style will you be trying?