Brand New Lilly Lashes Added!


New Lilly Lashes Styles

Lilly Lashes offer the ultimate luxury when it comes to their false lash range, and here at we now proudly offer two brand new Lilly Lashes styles, as well as their current, iconic bestsellers!

Introducing two new Lilly Lashes:

MakeupBySamuel ‚Äď For a soft, subtle lash look this new and exclusive style offers the ideal amount of length and volume for a versatile enhancement. Effortless and feminine - these falsies gradually increase in length towards each outer edge and allow for a beautifully curled finish. (discontinued)

‚ÄúSo Extra‚ÄĚ Mykonos ‚Äď Featuring double the density of the original Mykonos style, these luxurious lashes are now fuller and even more fabulous. Offering a double-layered design for a more intense finish, this extra-long, voluminous pair of falsies are guaranteed to make your eyes stand out.

Celebrity picks:

Celebrities are still loving Lilly Lashes, and they consistently remain a top choice of Hollywood makeup artists. Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing style Tease for a red carpet event just a few months back, and Kim Kardashian along with younger sister Kylie Jenner are both huge fans of dramatic style Miami. Christina Aguilera is also often seen sporting a pair of Lilly Lashes, with her favourite being style Caviar - proving how Lilly Lashes have remained extremely current and popular within the false eyelash industry; particularly amongst A-Listers.

All-time favourites:

Some of our bestselling Lilly Lashes styles are simply hard to beat in terms of quality and appearance. Goddess is a top choice if you require a natural looking volume and texture, as well as flawless definition. Their criss-crossed lash strands create a unique yet soft finish that is ideal for everyday wear.

Style Luxe boast a delicate design that features elongated ends and a medium volume. The lightweight, fine lash tips flare outwards providing an effortless, eye opening curl. Try this style if you require an understated yet stunning lash look.

For those that love drama, style Mykonos is your best pick. This incredibly dense design is full and fluffy - formed into 'V-shaped’ clusters these lovely lashes are arguably one of the signature styles from the entire Lilly Lashes collection and are loved by falsies fans and celebrities worldwide!

What’s your favourite style from the Lilly Lashes collection?