Brand New Salon System LashLUX Styles


Brand New Salon System LashLUX Styles Now Available

We have recently added three, brand new lash styles to our Salon System lash collection here at and we’re confident you’re going to love them! These LashLUX lashes offer luxury for less, and have each been designed to mimic the appearance and quality of mink lashes, without the use of mink hair, making these a perfect, Cruelty-Free alternative. Each lash style is softly layered to provide dimension, definition and enhanced length to your natural lashes, whilst adding a flawless, fluffy finish. Each style brings something different to the table, meaning there is a pair for every occasion, catering to every lash lover’s needs!

LashLUX - Style 001

This style is the shortest in length out of the LashLUX collection, making them ideal for every day wear and those that prefer a subtle lash look. The delicate, fine lash strands are gently layered and criss-crossed to create a natural, textured look and medium, wearable volume. The slightly longer strands in the centre of the band, work to accentuate the eye, making them appear larger in an instant.

Best for – a natural, everyday enhancement

LashLUX - Style 002

Style 002 is a top pick for injecting a tasteful touch of glamour to your look. Featuring a graduated length that elongates the eye effortlessly, these lashes are formed into thick, fluffy clusters and are multi-layered for a gorgeous, fluttery effect. The blend of fine and denser lash strands creates texture and each flared cluster curls outwards for an eye-opening finish.

Best for – glamorous girl’s nights out

LashLUX - Style 003

This style is suitable for those that require intense length and drama from their falsies, but without being too heavy or bold. Offering the most length out of the three LashLUX styles, style 003 boasts a full, fanned out design and criss-crossed lash strands for increased definition. The combination of fine and denser lash strands adds a voluminous look, without being too dense.  

Best for – extra special occasions

Which LashLUX style would you pick? Browse our entire Salon System collection here to select a style to suit you!