Complete Guide to Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes 2019


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes is a UK false eyelashes company established in 2018. Starting off in a small garage with five lash styles and 50 of each, they sold out within one week of trading. Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes founders saw potential in this and ventured to create more styles for their brand. Who knows, they may one day go into cosmetics. Want to know who the creators behind Yazmae Cosmetics are? Read our in-depth interview with Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes here.

Offering a variety of false eyelashes in different styles for different occasions. From 3D mink to 3D silk you’re sure to find a lash style for any occasion. They are constantly putting their customer’s feedback at the forefront, and this is what makes them makeup artist’s favourite brand of lashes to use on their clients and themselves!

Top 3 Best Yazmae Lashes

As with all brands there’s always a favourite lash or bestselling lash. Below are their top three styles:

  1. Dubai
  2. London
  3. Miami

If you don’t own a pair of Yazmae lashes yet, you’re missing out. Read further to find out what other styles are on offer.

Yazmae Cosmetics Luxury 3D Mink Lashes


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style Dubai

Seductive dramatic lash with a feline appearance.

  • Flared fluffy lash that opens up the eye
  • Perfect lash to create a cat eye look
  • Ideal lash for almond, round, close set and downturned eyes
  • Best teamed with smoky eyeshadow


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style London

Feminine, fluffy and dense lashes with increased intensity towards outer lash.

  • Slightly elongates accentuating eyes
  • Ideal lash for small, round and close set eyes
  • Nude makeup with classic red lips
  • Date night vibes


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style Miami

A lash full of volume with spikey cluster lashes – fluffy and wispy.

  • Elongates slightly towards outer lash
  • V Shape clusters for dramatic look
  • Moderate length
  • Perfect lash for hooded, almond and prominent eyes.
  • Suitable for all occasions


Yazmae Cosmetics in style Milan

Full and fluffiest pair of lashes from Yazmae Cosmetics 3D mink collection.  

  • Dramatic and full of volume
  • Suitable for most eye shapes
  • Glamourous lash for a big night out
  • Team with natural glam or bold eyeshadow

Eye shape: monolid, wide set, small, hooded, upturned


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style Paris

Style Paris gives off a playful wide eyed look and the clusters mimic your natural lashes.

  • Lashes are longer in the centre
  • Opens up eyes, adding depth and volume
  • Ideal for deep and wide set, almond and hooded eyes
  • Versatile lash for any occasion
  • Team with a spot light smoke look

Yazmae Cosmetics Luxury 3D Silk Lashes


Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style Monaco

Wispy multi-layered lash with lots of sass.

  • Features multi layered lashes with pronounced upper lash curl
  • Eye shape - downturned, hooded and small
  • Creates and eye opening effect for a lifted look
  • Perfect lash for daytime wear or
  • Switch it up with winged eyeliner

Bora Bora

Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style Bora BOra

Spiky false eyelashes with alternating lengths for an edgy look.  

  • Multi-layered lashes with a prominent lash curl
  • Spikey lash design for an edgy and defined look
  • Perfect lash for deep set, hooded, small and monolid eyes
  • Goes well heavy eye makeup and nude lip

New York

Yazmae Cosmetics Lashes in style New York

Quite similar to style Bora Bora but less dense.

  • Delicate lash design
  • Create a bold look but not over empowering
  • Suitable for hooded, almond, round and close set eyes
  • Again, this would go well with heavy eye makeup and a nude or bold lip

Want to see what they look like on? Watch our Yazmae Cosmetics lash try on video below.

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