Customising Your Lashes


Customising Your Lashes

Long gone are the days when one pair of lashes suits all, we stock over 1,000 styles of falsies making it easy to find the perfect pair for you. However, if you are after something unique and completely tailored to your style, there are ways that you can customise your lashes and have a complete custom made pair! Like the sound of that? Here’s how…

The quickest and easiest way to customise your lashes

There are a couple of half and three quarter length lash styles out there already, but not many. If you have the perfect pair of falsies but want to tone down the look, or add drama to only the outer corner of your eye, then you’ll love this easy method. Simply measure the lash against your eye, decide where you want the lash to start and end, then take it away from your eye and cut off the excess that you don’t need – simple. 


Take it to the next level and completely customise your lashes with the steps below:


  • Pointed tweezers
  • A pair of falsies
  • Individual lashes – we recommend House of Lashes or Ardell
  • Lash adhesive – You can buy individual lash adhesive which works perfectly for this
  • Patience (lots of!) 

You may want extra length in the outer corner of your lashes, or a complete lash revamp. Layering individual lashes over the top of your strip lashes can be incredibly effective. There are many different types of individual lashes that you can go for; we love the House of Lashes Le Petit Triple Lashes to make the customisation process quicker. For more precise work, Ardell have a fantastic range of individual lashes – perfect for all of your customisation needs!

To get started, apply a small amount of glue to the bond holding the individual lash hair together, wait for the adhesive to become tacky and then apply to the strip, this does take time but the finished results are just incredible – this is a method makeup artists across the world love to use.

The end result will be a double layered, fluffy lash look that is your own unique style! Don’t forget to mix up the different lengths of individual lashes for extra definition. Be sure to tag us in your looks on Instagram and Twitter (@welovelashes) if you end up customising your falsies…