Doll Lashes: Our Firm Favourites


Doll Beauty lashes have and always will be one of our favourite lash brands here at! From their perfect pink packaging to their impressive variety of premium style lashes. Making heads turn at every opportunity with their ‘Make Them Stare’ statement is something Doll Beauty lashes promise and they really do deliver. This impressive collection of lashes consists of human hair lashes, mink lashes and Brazilian faux mink lashes. Meaning there is bound to be something for everyone.

Doll Beauty Bestsellers

So, let's get right into it. As one of our best sellers we have seen the popularity of these lashes skyrocket. We are here to recommend some of our well known firm favourites that you can get your hands on.

Chloe Elizabeth

The Chloe Elizabeth lash is a bestseller for a reason. The fabulously striking look offers you dense V-shaped clusters that fan out across the lash band giving you a stunning amount of definition and texture to your lashes. This full and fluffy lash provides you with nothing but drama for day time brunch with the gals or even an evening on the cocktails. You’re ready for anything!


Every avid lash fan needs a set of Doll Beauty lashes in the style Jasmine in their makeup kit! If you were looking for the perfect lash for your big night out, you've found it! This lash is known for its drama and glamour. Boasting a full length and textured appearance you really can’t go wrong! A lash full of varying lengths brings this lash together and blends effortlessly with your natural lashes. Pair these with a blown out smokey eye for full impact.


Short and sweet? Never. Short and sassy! These Doll Beauty lashes in the style Eva are here for one reason and one reason only, impact! A full and fluffy lash that boasts a slightly shorter length for those of you who are wanting maximum volume and definition to your eyes. Each outer corner has been lengthened giving you a full flared effect. Perfect for rocking with a glossy lip and cut crease!


Elegance and edginess marry together in the form of this Doll Beauty lash Esmerelda. This super fluttery lash lets you show off your new found confidence through a stunning amount of length and texture. Trust us when we say, all eyes will be on you!

Doll Beauty Faux Mink Bestsellers

Sometimes our best sellers aren’t always available in a faux mink style, however, Doll Beauty have answered our prayers and made some of your fave style falsies into faux mink varieties. Below are our best selling styles from our faux mink collection, we love them and we know you will too!


Lovelace by Doll Beauty is very closely based upon another popular style of ours, Chloe Elizabeth. Designed to give just as much of a stunning and precise effect but with Brazilian faux mink. These lashes will have you turning heads and getting those stares Doll Beauty promise to deliver. If you are wanting to finish off a dramatic makeup look such as a glitter cut crease or a black blown out smokey eye, then these lashes will be your saviour!


Doll Beauty made these Taylor lashes with the intention of a bold standout look. Anyone looking to add a little bit of drama to your life, you really have come to the right place! With spaced out dense V-shaped clusters running through shorter wispy sections of faux mink hair, these lashes bring you intensity and an elongated effect of the eye. Doll suggests pairing these with a dark smokey eye and a winged out eyeliner for optimum eye enhancement.

Doll Beauty has also branched out into the makeup community and have created an unreal variety of highlighters and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Shop them here to keep you glowing all day long! Two of our most popular styles are Shine Bright and Like a Diamond. Both give you a head turning amount of shimmer and sass.

Shine bright

Too much highlighter is a thing of the past with this stunning brand new range of highlighters! Shine Bright is for those of you who are looking for a blinding amount of shine and a complimentary glow. Offering a golden base powder worn by tonnes of celebs and used by MUA’s across the globe!

Like a diamond

Sister shade to Doll’s highlighter is Like a Diamond. Consisting of a more ice-like frosty shade and highly pigmented to stay glowing and glazed all day. This can take you from day to night and looks absolutely flawless once applied. You really can't go wrong with this highlighter! What are you waiting for?