Eylure Lash Pro Individuals: For Every Eye Shape


Eylure Lash Pro Individuals: Would you believe us if we said Eylure have been in the lash game for over 70 years?

Two brothers who work for the British film industry came up with the idea when their clients were lacking beauty to the eyes. In their spare time they would create false eyelashes to be used in their films, and they were even worn by Hollywood stars.

Since the birth of Eylure lashes, they have partnered with the likes of Jordyn Woods, Paloma Faith, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and many more! They have grown from strength to strength and even developed makeup for the brows.

Now, not only do they do retail strip false lashes but they also offer individual lashes which is when ‘Pro Lash individuals’ were born. Designed for professional makeup artists but also those who don’t want a full lash look. Perfect for every eye shape.

Create your very own unique look with Eylure Lash Pro individuals. The lash pro lash range comes in many lengths and shapes. You have your, short, medium and long lengths. Knot free, extra full and combo. You can completely customise your look with their full range. Watch the video below for Eylure Lash Pro Lash individuals application.

If you prefer reading a step by step guide here is a complete guide we created just for you: https://falseeyelashes.co.uk/blogs/news/a-step-by-step-guide-how-to-apply-individual-eyelashes 

We stock Eylure Lash Pro Lash individuals whole range:

Eylure Lash Pro Lash Individuals: Short, Medium, Combo

Eylure Lash Pro Lash Individuals: Duos & Trios, Fine to Full, Extra Full

Don’t forget to purchase their Superfix adhesive with your individuals. They are available in two colours - Eylure Superfix Individual False Lash Adhesive: Black and Clear

Lastly, don’t pull off your Lash Pro individuals as this may cause damage to your natural lashes. Always remove with lash remover and we would recommend Eylure Superfix Individual False Lash Remover.