Eylure Most Wanted Lashes


Eylure Most Wanted Lashes

The latest addition to our Eylure collection is the amazing Most Wanted Lashes! Offering four stunning new styles, this high quality yet affordable lash line has been designed to provide a luxurious, silky lash look that is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes. Each lash style boasts a unique design, ensuring there is a pair to suit everyone, and they are all multi-layered to provide a flawless, fluttery finish.

I Heart This

Style I Heart This boasts a soft, feathery appearance thanks to the delicately layered lash strands that are formed into flared clusters. Adding texture, definition length and volume, this style is a great all round option for any occasion.

The perfect style for: Daytime wear or special occasions

Gimme Gimme

If you love a full on lash look, then style Gimme Gimme is a top choice for you. Featuring a full, ultra-fanned out design these lashes are full and fluttery without being too dense. The heightened length in the centre of the band works to accentuate the eye, giving it a larger appearance in an instant.

The perfect style for: A glamorous social event

Lust List

This style features delicately criss-crossed lash strands that are softly layered together to achieve a full, textured effect and lovely, lengthened look. The alternating length lash strands are formed into clusters which flare outwards and blend flawlessly with your natural lashes.

The perfect style for: A daytime wedding


Offering the most volume out of the Most Wanted collection, style #feedtheneed is perfect for night time occasions where you require a pair of standout falsies. Double-layered for maximum impact, this design offers intense density and dimension, whilst also offering a graduated length for an elongated effect. The v-shaped clusters flare outwards and the layered lash strands create an incredible, textured finish.

The perfect style for: A girls night out

Which Eylure Most Wanted style are you loving?