Eylure’s Secret Styles


Eylure is and will always be one of the highest rated brands in the UK. With almost 80 years of beauty knowledge under their belt, you can’t go wrong with Eylure! No matter what shape, colour or size you like, we can almost guarantee Eylure will have exactly what you're looking for. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we are proud stockists of this ground-breaking company, we might even carry a few more styles than you've seen in your local supermarket! High street stores typically carry a selection of your fave Eylure styles however, we carry the vast majority with over 50 different styles on our shelves, we’re bound to have an Eylure lash you've never laid your eyes on before. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look for yourself!

If you are a lash fanatic, you definitely will have already seen Eylure’s iconic packaging in your local chemist or supermarkets beauty aisle. We don't doubt this for a second! But being the lash lovers we are, we just had to get our hands on some Eylure styles you possibly might not see in the aisles. We have put together a little list of all the Eylure styles that might have slipped your grasp!

Individual Range

Eylure’s individual range is one to behold. With a multitude of shapes and sizes, whether you prefer knot free, flare individuals, or individuals with a little bit extra, our variety of Eylure individual lashes is impressive to say the least.  Our most popular individual pro range has got to be the Black Combo (Short, Medium & Long), giving you a range of flared lashes that are easy to apply and customise your look. Pop a few on the outer corners of your lashes to give you a subtle amount of definition or go all out with shorter inner corners, and long and luxurious outer corners. The choice is well and truly yours.


No need to look any further if you're searching for an unbeatable amount of choice for all of your adhesive needs. Eylure are known to have some of the best adhesives to make sure your falsies don't go flying away. Making sure you have a reliable and versatile adhesive that suits your personal needs is crucial when it comes to applying lashes, in order to achieve a long-lasting, comfortable hold. Eylure offers a range of formulas and tones to make sure you get it right every time. Personally, we suggest using Eylure’s Lashfix False Lash Adhesive for an easy application and a lash that won't budge.

Eylure brow pencils and pomades

Beauty ranges

Eylure isn't just all about the lashes, they have an incredible beauty range too. Eylure understands the importance of having flawless brows and has definitely delivered on the beauty front. Whether you're looking for a tint to keep your brows flawless no matter what time of day or a quick fix with a brow crayon or pomade, we provide you with the Eylure goods.

Celeb Collab's 

As you already know, Eylure is pretty well known within the beauty community, even celebs are jumping on board with this iconic beauty brand. With huge campaigns from the likes of star Katy Perry and Girls Aloud, it's pretty clear to see why we have stocked all of these exciting styles. Looking just as good as Vegas Nay has never been easier. 


Magnetic lashes are the next big thing and Eylure certainly have blown the competition out of the water with this one. If fiddling with glue just isn't your style then we definitely recommend giving the magnetic trend a go. Super simple to use and also have the added benefit of a lack of adhesive meaning people with allergies to lash adhesive can use these with ease as they don't contain any chemicals, just hair and magnets.

Nothing gets past us! We stock this impressive range so you can shop all of your lash needs all in one place! No need to stress, we’ve got your back!