Faux Mink False Eyelashes

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Faux Mink False Eyelashes

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to mink lashes, but still want the same effect from your falsies, or simply don’t like the idea of wearing mink lashes, then we have an impressive selection of faux mink lash styles that are sure to suit your needs.

Lilly Lashes

The two most popular and iconic Lilly Lashes styles Miami and Mykonos have now been recreated in a faux-mink version. Offering the same stunning appearance and luxurious look and feel, these lovely lashes allow you to achieve a bold enhancement without the use of mink hairs. Our Lilly Lashes collection also boasts 3D band-less faux mink styles such as styles Layla and Delara providing a multi-layered effect and a seamless blend with your natural lashes.

Try 3D Faux Mink Bandless style Olivia for a gorgeous, wearable lash look that is perfect for all occasions. The spaced out lash clusters add definition as well as a medium volume and length.

Violet Voss

If you require extreme intensity when it comes to your falsies, then our selection of Violet Voss lashes will not let you down! All of their designs are triple stacked for the ultimate volume, and they are all made from high quality synthetic fibres for a faux mink effect.

Style Eye DGAF is extremely long and thick, with increased length in the centre of the band for a dramatic, eye opening enhancement. The blend of straight and curled lash strands form together to achieve a full, textured appearance that is ideal for completing a glamourous makeup look.

Vamptress is a bestselling style from Violet Voss thanks to its thick and ultra-flared appearance. The v-shaped lash clusters are layered in between finer, shorter strands for a multi-layered look and extra dimension. The graduated length elongates the eye, softly curling outwards.


For a slightly more affordable alternative, Ardell have created some gorgeous faux mink styles that each deliver a subtle yet effective enhancement. All three styles are incredibly lightweight with an invisible lash band for a seamless application and comfortable fit.

Style 812 is the most natural-looking lash from the collection that adds a medium length and a delicate touch of volume. The ultra-fine lash strands are softly criss-crossed adding a multi-layered effect and defined finish.

For a more striking look, style 811 gradually increases in length and density towards each outer edge for a flared out appearance. Perfect for if you want to elongate your eyes for a touch of tasteful glamour.

Style 810 offer an edgy look and feathery finish.  The alternating length lash strands form together creating texture and dimension, as well as adding a medium volume that isn’t overly dramatic.

Which Faux Mink Lash Style do you love?

*Lashes in image are Ardell Faux Mink style 811. *



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