Five New Year beauty resolutions for 2019


Forget Dry January and the 'i'm going to start running before work' palava, and let's focus on beauty. Something that's easy and simple to stick to. There’s no better time than to commit to a whole new beauty haul. Here at, we have picked out five beauty New Year resolutions. These resolutions are not only realistic but will hopefully inspire you to switch up your looks, or try something new. 

Pssst.. cleaning your makeup brushes might be in there too. 

Beauty Sponge

beauty sponges

Out with the old and in with the new. Start your new year with a new beauty sponge. You’re probably due an upgrade anyway because you’re not sure when it was the last time you cleaned it! *ahem.. Technically, it should be every time you’ve used it. Seems like effort but if you don’t want breakouts then you know the drill!


beauty blender cleansers

When was the last time you washed your makeup sponge? Not to put you off but did you know your fave beauty tool might be ruining your skin. We want our tools to last forever, but if not well looked after they won’t last as long as they should.

Soak your sponges in a bowl of warm water, pour the Blender cleanser liquid onto your sponge and gently rub and roll in your hands until it gets foamy. Rinse and repeat until the water is clean.


Five New Year beauty resolutions for 2019

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Lash bundle

At we cater for all. We stock 3000+ styles from 36 brands. If you want dramatic, we got you. Natural? We got you covered. Petite? We got you too. Browse our site, and don’t forget we sell mink lashes and silk lashes.


Selection of mascaras

Mascaras can accumulate bacteria, just like makeup brushes and sponges. So this year a New Year resolution is to get rid of the old and in with the new. If you have had the mascara for over three months with everyday use, bin it. Protect your eyes! Here is an in-depth guide on makeup expiry dates: