Fleur De Force Eyebrow Products Now In stock!


Fleur De Force Eyebrow Products Now In Stock

If you tend to keep up to date with the beauty scene, then you’re bound to have heard of renowned blogger Fleur De Force. Fleur De Force has collaborated with beloved lash brand Eylure and has created not only a false eyelash line, but also a selection of incredible eyebrow products which we have recently added to our website! We thought we would take a closer look at these new and exciting items, as well as our favourite Fleur De Force lash styles.

Brow Palette

For those of you that love a naturally enhanced eyebrow look, this product is perfect for you! Available in three different shades, these palettes have been designed to deliver soft, even colour and effortless definition. Consisting of a two-tone colour powder as well as a highlighter, these palettes contain everything you need to accentuate your eyebrows in a few, quick and easy steps. Simply select the shade closest to your natural hair colour, and apply it to your eyebrows using an angled eyebrow brush. Then to complete the look, you can apply the highlighter underneath the brow bone, and on the inner corners of your eyes, for a bright, light look. 

Brow Tamer

If you like a slightly bolder finish when it comes to your brows, then the Fleur De Force Brow Tamer is sure to be your new go-to. Featuring a duo-sided design, this product has a clear gel on one end, and a creamy, colour on the other. Versatile enough to create any desired look, you can either opt for a natural finish by using the clear gel alone to fix your brows into place, or you can add colour and depth with the other end, and seal with the gel. There are three Brow Tamer shades available, so there is a colour to cater to everyone’s brow needs. The flake-free, long-lasting formula promises flawless brows that won’t budge, it’s your new two in one eyebrow companion!

Fleur Loves

The Fleur De Force Lashes have been a real hit with our customers, and one of the most popular styles is definitely Fleur Loves. This ¾ style is ideal for daytime wear as it offers a soft, wispy texture and subtle, graduated length that delicately enhances your natural lashes. Adding definition and a medium volume, this style provides a flawless blend with your own lashes, resulting in an understated yet effective lash look.

Fully Fleur

Style Fully Fleur boasts a layered appearance with criss-crossed lash strands to create a full, fluttery finish that is soft enough for day to day wear. The elongated ends add a touch of glamour, whilst the medium volume adds a tasteful amount of texture that looks gorgeous once applied.

What’s your favourite product from the Fleur De Force collection? Shop our entire Fleur De Force range here!