Flirty, First Date Falsies!


Firsty, First Date Falsies!

Girls, we’ve all been there, you’re going on a first date and you have no idea what to wear, what makeup look to go for and whether you should opt for falsies. Not to worry, we have a selection of stunning lash styles here at that will have you sorted for Valentine’s Day and any upcoming plans you may have!

First dates are all about striking the perfect balance between subtle and a little extra special. You want to look your best, but don’t want to look over the top or wear something that you wouldn’t typically go for.

Accent Lashes

Accent lashes are ideal for achieving an understated yet effective look without making it obvious that you’ve actually got any lashes on at all; bonus! They’re super easy to apply and there are a range of different designs depending on what you’re looking for. Our top pick would have to be:

  • Eylure Accent 005: If you’re going somewhere that means you can add a touch of drama to your eyes, then the Eylure Accent Lashes in style 005 are a top choice. Still offering a softer appearance than a standard, full strip lash, this style adds volume, length and definition and looks perfect with a thin stroke of eyeliner.

Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes have fast become increasingly popular and Ardell are of course the experts when it comes to finding a wispy lash style you love. Their bestselling Demi Wispies are gorgeous for creating a naturally enhanced finish that adds texture, medium volume and a graduated length that is suitable for both day and night time wear. If you have large, round eyes or simply require a little extra length, then instead go for the Wispies for a wide eyed effect.

Individual Lashes

What better way to get the results you want than by customising your own lash look? Although individual lashes may take longer to master than applying strips, once you know how to use them they are an incredible alternative to standard falsies. Select a length that best suits you, and either opt for a knot-free style for a more natural look, or knotted flares if you’re hoping to achieve a fuller finish. Eylure’s Pro Lash Individual Lashes are available in a combination pack of short, medium and long lengths allowing you to experiment. Each box also contains individual lash adhesive and remover, meaning you have everything needed to easily get salon standard results from home! 

Ultra-Natural Lashes

If false lashes aren’t something you typically use, but you’re wanting to put some to the test, we always recommend starting with a natural style, and working your way up towards a fuller design. Kiss Natural Lashes in style Shy are lightweight, easy to apply, comfortable and they also look lovely once applied. The delicate layering of lash strands adds a natural-looking volume and length, making these ideal for beginners or those that want a softer look for their first date!

Which falsies are your perfect ‘first date’ pair?