Apple Sours: the Latest Launches from Unicorn Cosmetics!


Glitterskins and Apple Sours: the Latest Launches from Unicorn Cosmetics

Unicorn Cosmetics are one of the most innovative lash brands around, and they are continuously adding exciting new products to their line such as makeup brushes and new lashes! We thought we’d take a closer look at their latest launch, and tell you why we think they’re going to be a huge hit with our customers!

Apple Sours

The latest lash style Unicorn Cosmetics have launched is the gorgeous Apple Sours. This ultra-fluffy, 3D mink design is set to be hugely popular and it’s not difficult to see why! Consisting of dense, flared lash clusters that gradually increase in length towards each outer edge, this stunning style adds impressive volume and winged ends for a dramatic yet tasteful enhancement.