How to Apply Accent Lashes

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How to Apply Accent Lashes

It’s not every day that we require a dramatic full strip lash, and sometimes less is definitely more. Accent lashes are the ideal alternative for providing an everyday, natural enhancement that still adds more length and volume than mascara alone. Perfect for accentuating the outer corners of your eyes; these lovely little half lashes allow for an elongated, cat-eye appearance. If you have never worn accent lashes before, here are some of our favourite styles, and some top tips on how to apply them. 

Ardell 318

If you love a wispy lash look, then these accent lashes are a top choice. Consisting of softly layered, criss-crossed lash strands that gradually increase in length towards each outer edge, this style is lovely for providing a seamless blend and textured finish.

Fleur De Force Petit Fleur 

Beauty blogger Fleur De Force’s collaboration with favourite lash brand Eylure has proved to be incredibly popular. Style Petit Fleur is amongst one of the bestselling styles, and it offers slight length and volume thanks to its scaled down ¾ size. Adding medium volume and winged out corners, this style is stunning for achieving an understated look.

Red Cherry DS03

Affordable, lightweight and easy to apply; it’s not difficult to see why Red Cherry lashes are so well-loved here at! Their vast selection of styles is truly difficult to beat, and their accent lashes range in appearance to suit every falsies fan’s needs. Style #DS03 dramatically flares outwards adding increased length to each outer edge of your eyes, as well as a medium, wearable volume.

How to apply:

Applying accent lashes isn’t much different to applying standard strip lashes, however it is more important to apply them as close as possible to your natural lash line in order for them to blend flawlessly with your natural lashes.


Apply mascara to your natural lashes as normal, starting with one coat and repeating depending on personal preference.


Once the mascara has dried, gently peel the accent lash from the tray using tweezers or a lash applicator.


Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait approximately 45 seconds for it to go tacky.


Position the accent lash towards the outer edge of your eye, and place it as close to your natural lash line as possible.


Use the lash applicator or tweezers to adjust the lash into place, ensuring to press the inner and outer corners down.


Gently ‘squeeze’ your natural lashes and the accent lash together to create a seamless blend.


Have you ever opted for accent lashes?

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