How to Remove False Eyelashes


Removing False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes on a regular basis shouldn’t harm your natural lashes. However, removing the lashes and keeping your own in tiptop condition is important – who doesn’t want long and healthy lashes?! We are sharing our lash hacks to make sure your natural lashes are as fabulous as they can be, even if you're a strip lash addict. 


  • Stop with all that pulling

It can be so tempting to just rip the lashes off at the end of the day, however, doing this can tug at the sensitive skin around the eyes and weaken your natural lashes. Use some oil (we love coconut oil) and apply a small amount on a cotton bud, then dab around your lash line to break down the adhesive. Wait 1-2 minutes and then try to remove the lash slowly, apply as much of the oil as you need making sure you give it time to break down the adhesive, this should make removal much easier. Some brands even formulate their own removers, designed to dissolve their glue (see here for Salon System remover).

  • Don’t rub at your eyes too hard

Again it can be tempting to rub at your eyes, not only is the skin around the eyes incredibly delicate, it can also damage your lashes. When removing eye makeup simply place a cotton pad with make up remover over the eye, use gentle sweeping motions rather than rubbing to get ride of all the makeup.

  • Use a lash conditioner

Lastly if you want longer and thicker looking lashes naturally then why not go for an eyelash serum.

Following these three steps your eyelashes should be feeling and looking good.