International Women’s Day 2020


International Women’s Day and Women History Month is right round the corner. Within every women there’s strength, a voice that deserves to be heard and power. It’s a day of celebration of freedom, individuality and self-expression, and if false eyelashes make you feel empowered, then you do you boo.

Below is a brief history of International Women’s Day celebrated around the world.

International Women’s Day is recognised around the world and has been around since the 1900s. It is now a nationally recognised day each year on March 8th. In 1910, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the ‘women’s office’ for the social democratic party in Germany toyed with the idea of IWD, and suggested each country should celebrate women on one day a year to reinforce demands. IWD was formed in 1911 and was celebrated on March 19. More than one million men and women attended this campaign.

Not only did women march to end war in the 60’s, they protested for women’s healthcare and financial equality in marriage.

In 1961 contraception was only available to married women. It was then extended to be made widely accessible to all in the UK – a huge step to women’s independency. Contraception is still not widely available in certain countries and is still in discussion. Up until 1964, everything a women owns, and earns becomes their husband’s property after marriage. The revision now allows women to be financially independent.

United Nation’s finally celebrated International Women’s day in 1975. Two years later United Nations adopted IWD and called for change to celebrate acts of courage by extraordinary women who played roles in the history of women’s rights.

International Women’s Day is now globally known with many IWD support groups holding events and campaigns around the world. Not only have celebrities helped with raising awareness on digital platforms, but paid tributes to Instagram. Celebrities like, Emma Watson, Serena Williamson, and even David Beckham have been seen spreading the love amongst many others.

Did you know: Laws of the past

  • Contraception was only made available to all women in 1961
  • Women could only secure a mortgage IF they had a signature from a male guarantor
  • Women were not allowed to apply for a loan or credit card without their father or husbands’ signature until 1980
  • British pubs could legally refuse to serve women, up until 1982
  • Rape within marriage became a crime in 1991
  • Abortion and same sex marriage legalised in Northern Ireland in 2019
Great improvements are still yet to be made. So let’s all make a difference and act on it. Make sure our future is bright and equal for women. This year we will see many men honouring the females in their lives, and we’re so glad this day is now nationally recognised. We now celebrate IWD on the 8th March. Which strong female inspires you every day, and who will you be honouring?