KoKo Lashes: New Arrivals


KoKo Lashes New Arrivals

KoKo Lashes are a brand that has taken the beauty world by storm, and here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk our KoKo Lashes collection has been a huge hit with our customers so far. We are now excited to offer brand new, exclusive styles that have recently been added to our website. With a design to suit every occasion, we’re confident you're going to be just as obsessed as we are with these stunning lash styles!

For wispy lash lovers:

For those that love intense length with a wispy volume, style Madame Wispy is a top pick. These lovely lashes consist of layered strands, softly formed together to achieve a natural texture and finish with a show stopping length. Perfect for making a statement, without being too dramatic, this style is set to be a bestseller.

Another great choice for achieving an effortless, wispy lash look is style Allure. Offering slightly more volume than Madame Wispy, but with less length, this tasteful pair of falsies features thick, criss-crossed lash strands and elongated ends.

Full-on falsies:

If you love drama and intensity, style Venus will be your new go-to. Packed with volume and densely layered lashes, this style is extremely full and fanned out, formed into clusters that fade into finer, lightweight lash tips for a fluttery finish.

Style Dashin' is incredibly thick, and features a spiky, feathered appearance. Double layered for maximum intensity, and formed into thick, flared clusters this design is dramatic on a whole new level.

Baby G boasts a combination of dense, and finer lash strands blended together for a full, textured finish. The graduated length and slightly finer lash tips soften the look, whilst still adding volume and definition.

Extreme volume:

If your preference is heavy volume, without extreme length then style Gia is the perfect pick. Featuring a graduated length, and increase in density towards each outer corner, these fabulous, thick falsies are bold and beautiful.

Style Aria adds density to your natural lashes and offers a striking, full appearance. The fine lash strands are tightly layered and criss-crossed creating texture and a more natural volume. The dramatically flared ends add a feminine touch, effortlessly completing your look.

Multi-layered and medium length; style Muse is ideal for an array of occasions. Boasting heavy density at the base of the lash, these full, fluffy falsies softly fade out into slightly finer tips for a fluttery finish.

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