Lashes to Suit All Shapes and Sizes

Posted on by Nick Whitmore

Lashes in All Shapes & Sizes

As a girl, we know how difficult it can be to find the right beauty products to suit your needs. Whether its skincare, makeup or false eyelashes, it can easily be said that everyone is different. This makes it extremely important that here at, we offer a huge variety of lash styles in our falsies, in order to suit specific eye shapes and sizes, as well as some universal pairs that are perfect for everyone!

Just a few recommendations, if we may...

House of Lashes are experts in this area, as not only do they offer lashes ranging in density, but on their website, they also show their lashes on models with different eye shapes and sizes, allowing you to see what suits you best before you purchase them here with us! They have now also introduced a 'Mini Collection' (see previous post on this for more detail), consisting of some of their bestselling designs, with the same signature styles simply with a shorter lash band and slightly reduced length. These are perfect for people with smaller eyes as they provide a better fit, or are ideal for anyone wanting a more natural look but love the original lash styles. House of Lashes have certainly catered to everyone.

We also have our very own model shots on a wide range of our brands and lash styles on our website, which also gives a great insight into what lashes would be your best pick! For example, more delicate and natural styles such as Ardell style 334 typically suit those with smaller eyes, and thinner natural lashes as they are extremely subtle. Popular style 'Wispies' however, suit those with a larger round shaped eye, as they are supposed to look rather natural due to the design and texture, yet you wouldn't get that effect on a smaller, narrower eye due to their length. The bestselling 'Demi Wispies' or 'Baby Wispies', would suit those with a smaller eye, after a more understated look but hoping for a similar style to the classic 'Wispies'.

LashXO; a recently stocked brand we are loving at the moment, claim that their lashes are suitable for every eye shape and size, meaning you can buy in confidence knowing they have been tailored to look great on everyone. We have 13 of their styles available online to purchase, ranging from the dramatic 'Va Va Voom' lashes, to the more demure style 'Adore'.

Flutter Lashes, offer a huge range of falsies with over 80 styles, their style 143 Premium Ersatz Eyelashes are great for those wanting to elongate their lashes/lash line due to the tapered end that sweeps outwards drawing focus to the outer edge of the eye whereas the 'Trinity' mink eyelashes are perfect for enlarging round eyes with their full on fanned out design, as well as the same length lash all the way along the lash band, these will enhance the centre of your eye.

As well as stocking different styles of lashes, we also have different colours that work to enhance your eye in a completely different way! For example the Ardell lashes in 'Chocolate' have blended black and brown lashes that work to accentuate blue eyes, whereas the Demi Wispies in shade 'Plum' enhance the appearance of green and hazel eyes. So if you fancy a bit of a change from a typically black lash, why not go for a coloured lash that really suits you?

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