Latest Additions to the Eylure Enchanted Collection


Latest Additions to the Eylure Enchanted Collection

Eylure is one of our bestselling brands here on our website, and we proudly carry over 50 of their incredible lash styles, ensuring we have a pair to suit all eye shapes and sizes, as well as occasions! With a number of impressive collections to choose from, selecting a suitable lash style has never been easier. Browse our full Eylure range here, and read this post to see some of our newest additions to our ever-expanding Eylure collection.

Brand new Eylure Enchanted Collection styles - there's four to choose from!

We are also excited to introduce to you, the four brand new and exclusive styles from the popular Eylure Enchanted Collection! All four stunning styles are fairy-tale themed and are now available to purchase directly here at Let’s take a closer look at the collection..

Mermaids Are Cool

Providing the most dramatic look from the Eylure Enchanted collection, this thick, fluttery style features a full volume, but with a fluffy texture and wispy finish to soften the look. The gradual fade in density from base to tip creates a fluttery effect and the elongated ends accentuate the eye effortlessly.

Wear these with warm brown smokes, and a thin stroke of eyeliner.

I Need My Beauty Sleep

You won’t need to catch up on your beauty sleep to achieve a wide eyed look thanks to this gorgeous pair of falsies! This unique design boast criss-crossed lash strands that are formed into V-shaped clusters for a textured, striking finish. Offering a medium, graduated length these lovely lashes add slight volume for a naturally enhanced look in an instant.

Wear these with thick, winged liner in an intense black colour for a bold appearance. 

Shoes Are My Muse

This pair is perfect for those that prefer focusing on adding length to their natural lashes, rather than heavy volume. These fluttery falsies are delicately layered for a soft, slightly wispy look that gradually increases in length towards each outer edge for a subtle yet glam finish. Adding definition and a stunning curl, this style is ideal for everyday wear.

Wear these with minimal eye makeup and defined eyebrows for a soft, subtle enhancement.

Who Needs A Prince?

For the ultimate flared effect, opt for this incredible style. Boasting a blend of fine and denser lash strands, these falsies add texture, volume and definition to your natural lashes.  Their criss-crossed appearance flares outwards and the graduated length elongates the eye, making this style extremely wearable and ideal for any occasion.

Wear these with charcoal smokes and a touch of shimmer.

Which new Eylure style is your favourite? Shop the Eylure Enchanted collection now, here at