Latest Ardell Lash Arrivals!


Latest Ardell Lash Arrivals

Our extensive Ardell range just got even better! We have now added to our amazing Ardell collection with some of their latest lash styles, which we are sure you’re going to be obsessed with. From the fabulous, faux mink Demi Wispies, to some stunning new Studio Effects styles, here are our top five favourites from the newest Ardell lash designs.

Faux Mink Demi Wispies

Just when you think you couldn’t beat the most iconic pair of falsies there is, Ardell recreate a Faux Mink version. The beloved Ardell Demi Wispies are a bestseller on our website, and they have recently been revamped featuring a softer, more fluttery finish in comparison to their wispy, textured original look. These ultra-lightweight lashes have been handmade with high quality synthetic fibres, and feature a graduated length for a subtle, winged out effect.

Faux Mink 817

Another new Faux Mink lash style we’re loving is number 817. These lovely lashes boast fine, lightweight lash strands that are delicately criss-crossed to create a natural-looking volume and texture that mimics the appearance of mink lashes. Their invisible band allows for an easy application and seamless blend with your natural lashes for a gorgeous, flawless finish. 

Studio Effects 233

If you’re looking for a tasteful, every day lash style, then the Studio Effects 233 lashes are the perfect pick. Offering medium length and volume, this design consists of two lash styles layered together to achieve enhanced dimension. Popular Ardell styles Babies and Natural 110’s have been double-stacked to custom create this unique, studio effects style that is set to be a hit.

Mega Volume 254

For those that love a dramatic look when it comes to their falsies, the Ardell Mega Volume Lashes in style 254 offer an incredible enhancement. Their bold, double-layered design creates heavy density, and the alternating length lash clusters provide a textured, feathery effect. The longer lashes in the centre also work to open and accentuate the eye for a stand out finish. Team these falsies with a smokey eye for optimal impact!

Mega Volume 253

The Mega Volume Lash style 253 features ‘Neverflat’ technology for a curled, dimensional effect that adds a gradual increase in length towards each outer edge, as well as medium volume. The blend of fine and dense lash strands creates a soft, textured finish that flares outwards adding instant drama to your look.

Which new Ardell lash style do you love?  Shop our entire Ardell collection, including their brand new releases here!