Latest Eylure Additions, including the Emma Willis Collection!


 Latest Eylure Additions including the Emma Willis Collection

We have recently added an impressive selection of brand new Eylure products to our website, ranging from the Eylure Enchanted Lashes, to the latest Eylure collaboration with Emma Willis. Here are some of the latest launches from Eylure that we currently love here at! 

Eylure x Emma Willis

If you love a natural lash enhancement, then the brand new Emma Willis styles are sure to catch your eye! Consisting of three different designs, this range offers two sets of lashes in each box that can either be worn alone or layered together to achieve your desired look. They are all incredibly lightweight with a fine lash band, providing the ultimate comfort, as well as effortlessly enhanced eyes in an instant. 


Out of the three Emma Willis x Eylure lashes, this style is definitely most suited for day to day wear. It boasts a soft, fluttery design consisting of spaced out, flared clusters that provide a feathery effect as well as adding enhanced definition and length for a subtle, yet stunning look.


Style Trix-A-Lashious offers a lovely, layered appearance with ultra-flared lashes and a graduated length for a winged out effect. The alternating length lash strands add texture, whilst the longer lashes at each outer edge curl outwards opening the eye beautifully.

All The Aces

This style is ideal for achieving a natural yet eye catching look. Featuring a wispy design, these lightweight falsies add medium length and volume as well as an impressive curl for an effortless, eye opening finish.

Fleur De Force Brow Definer

The Fleur De Force range has already proved to be popular here at and we have finally added to our incredible collection the hugely loved brow definer. This ultra-slim line crayon has two tonal shades on each end allowing you to create the most natural-looking colour and definition possible. The formula is also enriched with coconut oil, and promises long-wearing results with every application. If you’re after a quick and easy product to help you achieve perfect brows, then the Fleur De Force Brow Definer is a top choice!

Available in Dark, Medium and Light

Enchanted Collection

The Eylure Enchanted Lashes each offer an elegant appearance, adding a subtle touch of length and volume. The latest styles available are ideal for wear on any occasion, and are the perfect pick if you don’t like too much density from your falsies.


Limited Edition Eylure Enchanted Lashes in style Adored offer a delicate design that features criss-crossed lash strands and an invisible band for a seamless blend with your natural lashes. The subtle length and volume makes these ultra-lightweight lashes a great option for any occasion. 

Most Wanted Lashes

The Most Wanted Lashes offer a luxurious feel and have been specially designed to provide a high quality, faux mink effect. Each design is multi-layered offering a dimensional finish, adding impressive length and volume for a flawless lash look. 


If you love a dramatic pair of falsies, then style #Have2Have will be right up your street! Featuring dense clusters that are blended with finer lash strands for a full, fluffy appearance, this design also boasts a dramatic increase in length towards each outer edge, elongating the eye and providing a stunning, cat-eye effect.

Which new Eylure product are you most excited about? Shop our entire Eylure Collection here!