Latest Lash Essentials


Latest Lash Essentials

Ensure your eyelash collection is up to date with the latest lash styles and accessories! Here are some of the newest additions to our website that you're sure to love: 

Eye Candy Lash Lovers Collection

The latest lash gift set to land here at is this amazing Rose Gold Eye Candy Lash Lovers Collection. Consisting of the top four most important tools for achieving a wide eyed effect and luscious long lashes; this impressive kit is set to have you covered for all aspects of false lash application. It contains one pair of pointed tweezers, one pair of slanted tweezers, one eyelash curler and one lash applicator.

House of Lashes Lash Aid Scissor and Tweezer Set

House of Lashes are forever updating their amazing collection of products, and their lash aid is the latest addition to their line. Boasting a delicate, pale pink design, this handy duo offers a tweezer as well as miniature sized scissors which allow you to effortlessly prep your natural lashes prior to lash application, and also trim down the lash if necessary.

Lilly Lashes Bling on the Glam Lash Curler

If you love a bit of sparkle and all things glam, then you’re sure to love the gorgeous new Lilly Lashes lash curlers. Adorned in glistening crystals, these curlers allow you to take your lash collection to the next level, adding an elegant touch of luxury.

Top 3 Current Lash Styles

Of course no lash collection is complete without the lashes themselves, which is why we’ve picked our top three lash styles of the moment. Brand new yet already proving popular with our customers, is Doll Beauty’s Eva. Dramatic yet tasteful, this lash delivers a soft layering of strands to create a full, fluttery appearance that adds volume without being too heavy.

Unicorn Cosmetics style Peachy Pie has proved to be a hit already thanks to its multi-layered appearance. It features alternating length lash strands for a textured and defined look that opens the eye and provides a fluffy finish.

House of Lashes new style Knockout is perfect for achieving a bolder look that defines the eye and looks amazing for glamorous nights out. The ultra-long, flared lashes positioned in the centre of the band open the eye for a stand out enhancement.

What is your ultimate lash essential?