Latest Lash Pop Lashes Arrivals


We absolutely adore Lash Pop lashes sweet themed packaging. Not just the packaging, we love the fact they are cruelty free and offer styles that suit anyone, and everyone. Whether it be for a party, dinner date, birthday or wedding, lash pop lashes are here to serve your lash needs.

The Love Collection

Introducing the Love Collection by Lash Pop Lashes, one of their finest collections yet. In this collection all lashes are made with handcrafted silk material, and are multi-layered for a fluffy and wispy effect. They come in a heart shaped compact packaging making them easy to store and protect - perfect for carrying on the go.


True Love

Ooze in sass with True Love lashes. A lash boasting of elongated length and criss cross fibres. Easily transform your look from day to night in this lash for a full yet fluttery finish. Perfect lash for creating a fun and flirty look.

Sexy Love

Lash Pop Lashes in style Sexy Love offer a fluffy and textured appearance. Similar to lash First Love but more dense and wispy. Featuring a combination of short and long lashes this lash offers an eye opening finish. Add charm and appeal to your look in an instant with this lash!

Lashbar Lashes

Lashbar lashes come in super value multipacks. Three pairs of lashes for just £9.99, saving you pounds. They’re vegan and Cruelty-Free, what more could one ask for? Here’s a walkthrough of three of their styles.


These lashes are spaced out with dense clustered lashes. The multi layered strands allows the lash to look multi-dimensional allowing them appear bold and fluffy. Lash Pop Purplicious boasts of great length and volume for a wide eyed enhancement. Turns head in these lashes and make a statement where ever you go.


These lashes are so Wavy, people will be asking where you got your lashes from. Get three pairs for just £9.99. With a sophisticated amount of lashes, these lashes look natural but glam and would make a perfect pair of lashes to go on a night out with. Go on, give your eyes some extra oomph.


Stunning every day lash for your everyday lash needs. This delicate lash is ideal for achieving a natural enhancement. The tapered ends offer a more natural appearance. You’re guaranteed you’ll get people asking if these are real! Finish off with a subtle makeup look for a flawless finish.