Latest Unicorn Cosmetics Products Including Three New Lash Styles!


Latest Unicorn Cosmetics Products Including Three New Lash Styles

Unicorn Cosmetics are loved by our customers for their unique packaging, stunning lash designs and high quality. They are a huge hit amongst celebrities with Little Mix star Perrie Edwards being a regular wearer of bestselling style Raven, and we are now excited to introduce to you their three, latest lash styles and newest cosmetic products!

Cherry Top

This style is probably the most dramatic and glamorous out of the three new additions, so it is perfect for wear on special occasions. It features a layering of lash strands for a full, fluffy appearance and a stunning, wispy finish. Each outer edge increases in length and curls outwards for a winged effect, elongating the eye.

Peachy Pie

Style Peachy Pie boasts a soft, medium volume and graduated length with delicate, wispy lash tips for a textured effect. Each lash cluster curls outwards for an amazing eye opening enhancement that looks amazing alongside any makeup look.

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue consists of alternating length lash strands that are longer in the centre for a wide-eyed effect. The layer of fine, wispy lashes builds a medium, wearable volume that is ideal for any occasion and the different length lashes create a textured, feathery finish.

The Stick It On Her Lash Applicator

Lash applicators have fast become the top tool to use when applying your false eyelashes. With many falsies brands jumping on the bandwagon, we hoped it wouldn’t be long before Unicorn Cosmetics created their very own!

Their Stick It On Her Lash Applicator has a sleek, hot pink design that is both stylish and practical, and makes popping on your favourite pair of falsies quicker and easier than ever.  The curved ends have been expertly designed to gently hold a lash, allowing for control and precision, while the tweezer-style tips can be used to press the lashes down into place for a seamless finish.

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