Lilly Lashes: Luxury Collection


Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection 

Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi are best known and loved for their premium quality and stunning range of lash styles – they’re also a firm favourite amongst A-list celebrities! Boasting a number of designs to suit all occasions, we thought we would take a closer look at some of the impressive styles on offer from the hugely popular Luxury Collection.

The Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection


Style Goddess is ideal for those that require a lot of length, with a more natural volume. This unique, criss-crossed design provides a soft, fluttery finish, and defined, lengthened appearance. The gradual increase in length towards each outer edge enhances your eyes for an ultra-glam look that isn’t too bold or heavy.

Ideal for: An everyday enhancement


For a full yet delicate lash look, opt for style Diamonds. Consisting of layered, fine lash strands formed together to achieve a medium, wearable volume; these luxurious lashes will enhance your natural beauty effortlessly. The elongated ends add a feminine touch, whilst the lightweight lash tips result in a slightly wispy finish.

Ideal for: Special occasions


For show stopping length without buckets of volume, style Opulence is your best bet. These super long, luscious lashes feature a subtle fade in density from base to tip for a defined lash line, and a soft, curled appearance that flares outwards, accentuating the eyes shape and size.

Ideal for: Increased length without heavy volume


Add delicate length and stand out drama with the Luxe Lashes from the Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection. This full design boasts flared lashes that are layered for the ultimate depth and dimension, providing a full, voluminous effect that is perfect for completing a glamorous makeup look.

Ideal for: Making a stunning statement


Full on falsies don’t get much better than this! Style Tease offers amazing length that is heightened in the centre for a dramatic, eye opening effect and the combination of fine and thicker lash strands blend together seamlessly, resulting in a full, fluffy volume and natural, high quality texture.

Ideal for: Girls nights out

Which style is your top pick from the Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection?