MakeUp Eraser now in stock at!


MakeUp Eraser now in stock at

Although we like to think of ourselves as lash experts here at, we also cater to an array of other beauty and makeup-related areas too offering a selection of high quality products from top-selling beauty brands. The latest addition to our website is the innovative MakeUp Eraser that has taken the beauty world by storm thanks to its unique concept and incredible results! We now proudly offer the entire MakeUp Eraser collection ranging from the original cloth, to special edition prints and designs as well as the MakeUp Eraser Cleaner

What exactly is a MakeUp Eraser?

A MakeUp Eraser is a unique microfibre facial cloth that has been expertly designed to offer effective makeup removal with minimal effort and product required. It is available in full size as well as miniature travel-sized cloths, and should be used wet for best results.

What makes MakeUp Erasers unique?

MakeUp Erasers are revolutionary as they require no products and deliver a chemical-free cleanse. They simply need water to work, and can remove even the toughest makeup such as waterproof mascara, liquid eyeliner and heavy face and eye makeup. MakeUp Erasers are incredibly environmentally friendly in comparison to using facial wipes or cotton pads as they are reusable, and they’re also gentle on the skin, working to exfoliate and cleanse without being too harsh or abrasive.

How does a MakeUp Eraser work?

To get the best results from your MakeUp Eraser, all you need to do is wet the cloth and softly wipe in circular motions across your face gently removing your makeup. Once you have removed all of your makeup with the MakeUp Eraser, you can then pop it in the wash so it is ready to be reused and you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

How long will a MakeUp Eraser last?

MakeUp Erasers can be washed and reused up to 1000 times not only making them an eco-friendly option, but also saving you hundreds of pounds in the process!

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