New in: Eylure Enchanted Lashes


New in: Eylure Enchanted Lashes

Eylure are one of the most popular and renowned false lash brands around, and their extensive collection is a huge hit with our customers here at We are constantly updating our Eylure range and adding new and exciting lash styles and beauty products to their line, and the latest exciting launch is the Eylure Enchanted Collection. Consisting of 15 stunning styles, these fairy-tale-themed falsies are the perfect addition to your makeup bag!

For a natural look:

If you prefer a soft, natural enhancement when it comes to your lashes then the Eylure Enchanted lashes in style Adored are the perfect choice for everyday wear. This design boasts a blend of ultra-fine black and brown lash strands that are incredibly lightweight, and create a subtle yet effective amount of volume. The heightened length in the centre works to open the eye for a delicate, curled finish.

Style Roses and Thorns is a great in between design that is versatile enough for wear on any occasion. The medium, wearable volume enhances the eyes without being too overpowering, whilst the softly criss-crossed lash strands are formed into flared clusters for a fluttery, textured look.  

For a full, flared appearance:

Achieve a full, flared effect with the #INeedMyBeautySleep Eylure Enchanted Lashes. This unique design features layered, criss-crossed lash strands that increase in length towards each outer edge elongating the eye beautifully for a bold, dramatic look.

Style #WhoNeedsAPrince offers slightly less volume than style #INeedMyBeautySleep, but still boasts a full, textured design that is ideal for completing any makeup look. The alternating length strands provide definition and a striking finish, whilst curling outwards for a full, flared enhancement.

For a wispy finish:

Style #MermaidsAreCool are multi-layered, creating a dimensional effect adding volume and a gradual fade in density from base to tip to soften the look and define the lash line. The elongated ends add a touch of glamour to your look; accentuating your eyes beautifully for a stunning, stand out finish.

If your preference is length over heavy volume, then style #ShoesAreMyMuse is a top pick. These ultra-lightweight lashes offer the ultimate comfort, whilst providing a graduated length, medium volume and wispy, layered effect.

Which Eylure Enchanted style is your favourite? Shop the entire Eylure Enchanted Collection here!