Our All Time Favourite Lilly Lashes


Our All Time Favourite Lilly Lashes

From Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Lashes, to faux mink bandless styles, and The Luxury Collection, here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock every Lilly Lashes style imaginable! Lilly Lashes are loved for their premium quality and luxurious feel, making them a firm favourite with A-list celebrities, professional makeup artists and avid falsies fans. With such a varied, beautiful range it’s difficult to choose a top Lilly Lashes style, but we have narrowed it down to five of our all-time favourite Lilly Lashes, that are each available to purchase directly on our website.

3D Mink Lashes - Miami

Are you looking for a dramatic effect from your falsies? Then bestselling Lilly Lashes style Miami is a great option for you. This dense, double-layered design boasts a blend of fine and thick lash strands, that form together to create a beautifully textured appearance, and dimensional finish. This style is hugely popular with stars such as Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga, and it is the perfect pick for completing a bold, smokey eye look for a stunning, stand out finish. The ultra-curled lash strands form impressive volume, whilst the increased length towards the centre of the lash provides an effortless, eye opening enhancement.

3D Mink Lashes - Mykonos

For a high impact lash look; style Mykonos is another amazing top seller from Lilly Lashes. The ultra-flared, dense lash clusters provide a full, fluffy texture and dramatic, voluminous finish whilst the intense length opens and accentuates the eye in an instant. The soft spacing between each lash cluster allows for flawless definition, as well as a seamless blend with your natural lashes for a softer finish.

The Luxury Collection – Goddess

Lilly Lashes style Goddess from the luxury collection, is the ideal lash for everyday wear. Boasting criss-crossed, tapered hairs to provide a medium, wearable volume this luscious lash style focuses on length rather than drama. The criss-crossed lash strands are ultra-fine and lightweight for a natural look and feel, adding a soft, fluttery texture as well as providing the ultimate comfort.

The Luxury Collection – Luxe

Style Luxe offers a subtle, graduated length, but a slightly more eye-catching appearance in comparison to Goddess. Offering a little more volume, this design consists of layered lash strands that create a unique, V-shaped pattern adding texture and definition without being overly dramatic. If you love a cat-eye effect, then opt for this lovely lash style.

3D Mink Lashes - Vegas

The Vegas 3D Mink Lilly Lashes provide a beautiful, feathery look and full, textured finish for bold impact. The alternating length lash clusters create a unique, dimensional finish, and the longer, curled lash strands add impressive, eye opening length. For a striking appearance; these luxurious lashes will not let you down!  

Which Lilly Lashes style is your go-to? You can shop all Lilly Lashes, including the styles mentioned in this blog post, here!