Our Favourite Lash Multipacks!

Posted on by Nick Whitmore

Favourite Lash Multipacks

Multipacks are the perfect choice for false lash fanatics. Stocking up on your favourite styles and saving money – what could be better? With so many styles to choose from, there is certainly a multipack to suit your needs here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk.

Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack:

Our ultimate, bestselling multipack is of course first on our list. Including four pairs of the popular Ardell Demi Wispies style, these lovely lashes are subtle enough for every day wear. Featuring elongated ends, a natural, textured appearance and wispy lash tips, these falsies add volume and definition in minutes.

Includes 4 pairs of lashes

Eylure 100 Volume Multipack:

Eylure offer an impressive selection of Multipacks, and the Volume Multipack in style 100 is a firm favourite amongst our customers. Including three pairs of lashes as well as adhesive, this full, flared design is ideal for nights out and parties, boasting the perfect amount of volume without being overly dramatic.

Includes 3 pairs of lashes and lash adhesive

Ardell Glamour 105 Multipack:

This stunning set of falsies is the perfect purchase to ensure you’re never caught short on extra special lashes again. Their medium volume, and dramatic, glamorous length provides a wide eyed look; this full, fanned out design is a top pick for all occasions.

Includes 4 pairs of lashes

Eylure Naturals 020 Multipack:

Soft and subtle, this dainty, delicate design is ideal for those looking for a natural enhancement. Perfect for stocking up, and using day to day these stunning lashes lift, lengthen and define without adding lots of drama.

Includes 3 pairs of lashes

Kiss Flirt Multipack:

Looking for dramatic lashes with lots of volume? Then the Kiss Flirt Multipack is your best bet. This tapered style boasts incredible density, and a graduated length to soften the look. These bold falsies are great for girl’s nights out.

Includes 5 pairs of lashes, lash adhesive and an applicator

Eye Candy 006:

A new and exciting addition to our Multipack collection here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, is the Eye Candy Multipack in style 006. These medium length lashes provide a natural looking volume, and feature longer lash strands in the centre for a beautiful, eye opening appearance.

Includes 5 pairs of lashes

Revlon Variety Pack:

For those indecisive lash lovers, who can’t narrow down their choice to one pair of falsies; the Revlon Variety Pack is hard to beat. With all of their most popular styles, and a lash to suit every occasion, this Multipack offers excellent quality and value for money.

Includes four pairs of lashes

Which lash multipack is your go-to?

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