Red Cherry Eyelashes: Our Favourite Falsies!

Posted on by Jenny Ho

Red Cherry Eyelashes

When it comes to buying good quality, reasonably priced lashes that offer a huge variety of styles, our Red Cherry collection here at is seriously impressive! Loved by our customers, and a bestseller amongst beauty bloggers and makeup artists, Red Cherry are one of the biggest names in the false eyelash business. We offer over 50 incredible styles to choose from, with a pair perfect for any occasion, this amazing brand is truly hard to beat.

Red Cherry Lashes Bestsellers:

Our top selling styles all feature classic designs that are versatile and flattering for every eye shape and size.

#WSP (Wispy) – If you love a lightweight, wispy lash look, style #WSP (Wispy) is hugely popular and features a fairly consistent length along the lash band, as well as a medium, textured volume.

#DW (Demi Wispy) – For a wispy finish with elongated ends, opt for style #DW (Demi Wispy). This top choice is soft, feminine and fluttery and compliments your eyes effortlessly.

#523 (Sage) – Simple yet stunning, style #523 (Sage) offers the ultimate, everyday enhancement. Add volume and length for a natural appearance, and accentuate your eyes thanks to the longer lash strands in the centre.

#102 (Chakra) – Achieve a dramatic look with the Red Cherry lashes in style #102 (Chakra). This striking design boasts a full, dense base that fades out into finer, wispy tips for a full, textured finish.

#43 (Stevi) – Arguably Red Cherry’s signature style; #43 (Stevi) offers the ideal amount of length and volume for any occasion. Their glamorous, graduated length allows for a winged out effect whilst providing a stunning curl.

Under lashes:

Ensure every lash look is complete by applying a pair of Red Cherry under lashes. Available in different designs, these falsies add length and definition to your lower lashes, for an extra enhanced look.

Popular pick: style #501 Penny

Individual lashes:

Available in a range of different lengths and styles, our selection of Red Cherry Individual Lashes allow you to create your own, customised lash look. Whether you want a salon style effect, or a naturally enhanced finish, our range of knot free flares, flares and single, individual lashes are sure to cater to your needs. For professional or personal use, browse our amazing Individual Lashes collection now!

Popular pick: Knot Free Flare Medium Black


Perfectly apply your lashes every time using the Red Cherry false lash applicator. This easy to use, expertly designed tool allows for an effortless, quick application of any pair of falsies.

If you are a beauty professional such as a makeup artist, working in a salon we also have a limited amount of Red Cherry Display Stands available to purchase directly here from This amazing opportunity allows you to buy Red Cherry Lashes at trade price and become an official Red Cherry stockist. For more information email us at 

What’s your go-to Red Cherry style?

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